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May 23, 2007 08:48 AM

Garden seating in W. Village for engagement celebration dinner

Our good friends just got engaged and we want to take them out to a nice dinner on Friday, something reasonably priced ($20-low $30 entree range), with a good wine list and I want to add that they're not terribly adventerous so we're looking for something American, Italian, Spanish, French. We aren't very familiar with the W. Village but that's where they want to go. We would also really like somewhere with a garden so we can enjoy the nice weather also.

Hopefully this is not too much to ask, especially given that wonderful neighborhood, but I want to be as specific as possible. TIA!

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  1. Palma on Cornelia St has a garden - Mediterranean Italian

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      Great food, but my limited experience there was with grumpy service.

    2. Malatesta Trattoria has the best Italian in the neighborhood, IMHO. They open their walls to make the dining experience truly outdoors (for the street tables) or quasi-outdoors for the tables near these opened walls.

      1. Not quite W Village, but Gascogne at 18th & 8th is lovely French with an amazing garden!

        1. My first suggestion is August, on Bleecker between Charles and 10th, but although they fit your cuisine type requirement (I think they bill themselves as pan-European), I'd still check the menu to see if you think it would work for your friends since it's not what everyone thinks of when they mention those cuisines. Crispo (Italian) and Gavroche (French) both on 14th street have nice gardens in the back and are pretty traditional in their menu offerings.

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            Interesting. Does August actually have an outdoors back garden or do they just open up the glass ceiling in the back room?

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              They just open up the ceiling, I believe.

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              The garden at Crispo is lovely. I took my relatively traditional in-laws there and they were thrilled with it.

            3. For Italian-American (i.e. less refined than the authentic Italian at Malatesta) and a large garden, try Vittorio on Bleeker. Nearby is AOC, also with a nice garden.

              Otherwise, nice gardens are tough to find in West Village restaurants.