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May 23, 2007 07:43 AM

Sushi lunch w/ girlfriend near 48th + 2nd?

Considering Haru, Hapon... would love any recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. i would reccomend the prix fixe (~$20) at sushi yasuda. They give you a lot to choose from -- a substantial list of 15 or so types and 6 or 8 options for rolls. There are plenty of interesting not-run-of the-mill types of fish. We chose the 8 sushi/2 roll combo and you can always add on a piece of toro or two :)

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    1. re: kesues

      LOVE Yasusda. Can you get just sashimi on the prix fixe? We're not big roll people?

      1. re: kesues

        Yasuda is some of the best sushi. I would go there.

      2. Yama is on 49th I believe. Yasuda is better though.

        1. Oh, forgot about SEO - i think that might be on 49th or 50th off 2nd.

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            1. re: jmo9

              Small place, think its 49th between 2nd and 3rd - its pretty good (although, I haven't been in about 3 years)

          1. I like Haru but I usually eat at the one on 43rd Street, so I don't know this one.

            1. If you're willing to walk over to Park & 46th, Hatsuhana has a great lunch sushi special.