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May 23, 2007 07:40 AM

Norwalk CT delivery

Any suggestions for good delivery pizza/Chinese/burritos in Norwalk CT/Merritt 7 area? We're moving there and will need some sustenance for the day we unpack!

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood :)
    There's, unfortunatey, not too much in the way of delivery in the are a couple of delivery & pick up spots we order from regularly.


    Jasmine's in Westport - they deliver to Rte 7 and IMO the best option.

    Crossroads Pizza - I find their pizza ok. My bf loves it.

    If you're willing to go out and pick up...options are better....

    Edo (203) 750-0623 for in the area.

    Letizia's Pizza (203) 847-6022 - closest you'll come to NY Pizza around here.

    These 2 are actually right next to each other 666 Main Ave. just past Walmart.

    Last - Valencia Luncheria is awesome. Its Venezuelan fare, teeny tiny spot heading towards Rte 1.

    If anyone else has anything interesting to offer, I'd love to hear too!

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      Thanks so much for all the suggestions, Amanda. We'll start working our way down the list!