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May 23, 2007 07:29 AM

Suggestions for north Conway dining please

Hi All!

We are visiting NH this weekend with my 8 and 5 yo kids.

We're gonna hit Storyland one day ...and Clarks in lincoln the next..

Any suggestions where we can eat possibly inexpensive..
We love diners and all that jazz

Thanks for any help!

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  1. We have had great food, service and fun at The red parka pub, Bellini's(great italian)
    & Delanys...We go to NH alot and these are our favorites to frequent w/ 2 kids.
    There is also the most amazing Bagel/ coffee shop right over there that makes the most amazing homeade bagels & homeade hummus...for the life of me i cant remember the nameof it.

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      I have to respectfully disagree about Bellini's. Yes, there are families with children there. It is unbelievably loud, deafening. The food was dismal - limp, watery pasta; veal marsala that tasted like someone had dumped a sugar bowl in it; a Bellini that tasted like it was 90% vodka. I recall it being quite expensive, with awful service.
      I've heard plenty of decent things about the Red Parka Pub, though I haven't been there.
      It seems to me that food in North Conway has gotten steadily worse over the past ten years. I don't know any tourist town that has more bad restaurants. You might do better in Lincoln, though I haven't eaten there much - I've heard more good things about that direction.

    2. Try May Kelly's Irish Pub - kids will love the surroundings - and the deck could be open too. Good food, good prices. Just over the railroad tracks heading out north of town - near Delaney's (but don't eat there).

      1. I can't recall the name (oops) but I do know I utterly enjoyed my meal at the pizza place with brick ovens. If you're on the main drag there in NC you will see the place, the only one where you can walk around and actually see the pizzas going in and out of the ovens (part of the charm). Fantastic salads too. I was there with a friend and her daughter who was ten at the time and we all gobbled up everything with gusto.
        Check out the waterfall near there - Crawford's Notch I think. That was the little one's favorite part of the weekend and mine!