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May 23, 2007 07:25 AM

Marty's in Highland Park - Menu

So far I've only had the Sweet Potato Fries.......very good........only offered ketchup though.

Hand-cut Steak Tartar 12
Crispy Calamari w/Spicy Tomato Chutney 9
Table de Queso w/Black olives and Apple-Mint Jelly 9
Charcuterie Plank, Whole Grain Mustard and Tiny Pickles 11
Caprese Salad w/Aged Balsamic 8
Classic Caesar Salad 7
Kobe Burger w/Garilc Aioli 13
Crusty Macaroni and Cheese 11
Pizza Du Jour 10
T-Bone Stead w/Green Peppercorn Sauce 19
Broiled Chicken Sandwich w/Green Apple Slaw 12
Shoestring, Sweet Potato, or Garlic and Herb Fries 5

Place as a "cold" kind of vibe and it I imagine it would not be too comfortable to eat a steak there unless you score a seat at the bar or eat at the patio out back at one of the stand-up tables. Went last Thursday.......mixed crowd.....some neighborhood folk, some hipsters etc...... ......had Valet parking that night.
on the North side of York between Ave. 51 & 52. (used to be El Chubasco)

on another note........Johnnie's Bar @ 5006 York officially opens this Friday (supposedly)
it was open last Thursday as well and was giving out free beers. Nice little spot w/pool table and patio out back.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I read that its the same owner as Mia Sushi, which makes me a little skeptical of trying this place out. Maybe the kind of place for drinks and appetizers...

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    1. Is Johnnie's Bar in the old Wild Hare spot?

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      1. re: Will Owen

        No. Johnnie's is 3 or 4 doors West of the Wild Hare spot.
        No sign outside though.
        The old Wild Hare spot was gutted from top to bottom recently and is supposed to open soon. .

        1. re: Will Owen

          The former Wild Hare spot will be called the York.

        2. a friend called me from Marty's last weekend...
          "WeHo has moved into Highland Park," he said.
          i went to investigate and sure enough, he was right...the door guys and the bartenders were super nice, which makes me feel bad for the rest of my review...but it must be done, right?

          the decor and interior make the space feel like its trying too hard to be fancy. the walls are "texture painted" a salmon color and its mostly dark wood. the leather benches/couches are alright, but are they serious with the pillows? please do not make pillows available in a bar...the lighting is low and comes from some circle ceiling light thing...hey, i was drinking, i dont remember everything ;)

          i think it was the clientelle that was the major turn off...lots of "dudes" with slicked back hair, shirts open, giving me the look-up-and-down and the "hey baby", even though i was obviously sitting right next to my boyfriend! lots of lip-liner and pushup bras on the just seemed pretty deuchy to be honest...

          the barback/bartender came out to collect drinks and picked up my friends half-finished greyhound...some guy sitting next to us was all "hey man, that guy wasnt finished!" and the bartender brought him a new drink. that was pretty nice.

          the food smelled good and the fries looked delish, but we didnt have anything.

          i'd go back if there was nothing else to do and i was with some brave friends who were up for people watching and sharing a few things off the menu...

          1. Tried Marty's last night after a movie. We shared the sweet potato fries and the crispy calamari, both excellent, and both generous portions for the price. I don't get out to bars much - heh - but I liked the feel here despite the trauma to my sensitive eardrums. In just 90 minutes, we'd lost our voices shouting over the (great) music from the jukebox. Mixed crowd, as slowrider posted, and our server was friendly, attentive and accurate. I'm sure the owners will keep adding decorations, judging from Mia's evolution. Drinks were good, also reasonably priced. I'd go back -- with earplugs, sigh. ;)

            1. Grew up in Highland Park, so I enjoy supporting the new businesses in the area, so it really angers me when I encounter snobbish attitude from these places. A couple of friends and I wanted to stay local so we headed over to Marty's. Buttttttttt I wasn't allowed in because I was wearing a cap!!! And unlike dean's post, the doorguys couldn't have been bigger jerks about it (well actually it was the blonde dude). I was wearing some decent looking CK jeans and a abercrombie and fitch jacket, bottom line is I didn’t go dressed like a bum. He said my sports attire wasn’t allowed. So I figured fine I'll take off my cap, but then he said my jacket wasn't suitable either! Maybe for the first time they could've let me slide and not given any attitude about it. Sorrrrrrrry for not knowing there was a dress code at Marty's (this is still York Blvd in Highland Park, right)? Give me a break!!! So my friends and I crossed the street and went to Johnny's. They didn't have any silly door dorks and for just opening, the space was nicely done. Attention Marty's people there are several bar options in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area, so drop the wanna be Hollywood velvet rope attitude!!!

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                1. re: roobnla

                  That's wierd my husband and i went last night and he was wearing flip flops and a casual shirt. Maybe just a bad door guy. Anyway food review:
                  The sweet potato fries were great and genrous
                  The steak tartare was way overdressed with mustard, come on guys we like to tast the meat ok.
                  The ceaser salad was satisifying if a bit tame, maybe a little more garlic and achovies?
                  I agree the prices are higher for the area but not overpriced for the atmosphere, which I kinda liked. Dark and the music was not too loud. I do agree that Johnny's is a much friendlier place, we went there afterward. But Marty's has food. Then again the best thing to do in HP for food we did after Johnny's and that wa getting Taco's at Leo's Tacos on Eagle Rock Blvd. OMG yummy at 2am!