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May 23, 2007 07:19 AM

Brunch this Sunday near RDU airport?

Friends are coming in from California this Saturday night, and we're getting together for brunch Sunday morning. They're off for the beach afterwards, and we live in Durham and would rather not go to Raleigh. They're staying at Spring Hill Suites near the airport.

Anywhere nearby that's good for brunch this Sunday?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. We had lunch at Rue Cler in Durham today and it was spectacular. Great food. Great service. Nice room. Sign there says they serve brunch and I imagine it's equally good. Piedmont also does a nice job on Sunday brunch and it's only a couple of blocks from Rue Cler. If you want to take them someplace extraordinary, Taste of Durham is this Sunday and I'm sure your friends will enjoy it if they have the time.

    Durham isn't all that far from the airport.

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      For anyone who was interested - Taste of Durham is Saturday, not Sunday. (


      I'm trying to find somewhere as close as possible to their hotel, since I'd rather not head any farther east than necessary, and they'd rather not head farther west before they start out east for the beach.

      1. re: abowes

        You don't have much choice. RDU is basically RTP so the food establishments are geared towards serving lunch on weekdays. Sunday brunch has minimal demand.

    2. There is the whole Brier Creek area, which has lots of restaurants (mostly chains). One is bound to do brunch.

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        An un-chowhoundy answer.. but if you're looking for something super close to the airport, there's a Cracker Barrel and Waffle House right on Airport Boulevard.

        There's also a Brigs on NC54/55 in RTP, which is probably about 10-15 minutes from the airport.

        1. re: scarrie

          As another arguably un-chowhoundly answer, isn't their a Briggs over around the 54 / 55 interchange.

          1. re: Guilty Gourmand

            Does the chophouse do brunch? If you feel like spending a boat load of money you could go to the Olmstead Hotel next to SAS.

        2. re: cackalackie

          There's that new Fractured Prune donut shop in Brier Creek. Not exactly an entire "brunch" but still breakfast food. Has anyone been there?
          Also in Brier Creek is a Panera and a Bob Evans. I can't think of any other restaurants that might to brunch over there.

          1. re: scarrie

            O'Charley's does brunch in Brier Creek.

          1. Wow... thanks everyone - depressing news, but now at least I know I tried. I'll check with the chophouse, sounds perhaps the least objectionable, or it'll probably be Cracker Barrel. Ugh. I don't mind the food nearly as much as the crowds there!

            Thanks anyway,

            Edit: Feh, Chop House is closed Sundays.

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            1. re: abowes

              How about Baby Moon or the new cajun place beside it? I can't tell from their web page when they are open and don't remember the name of the cajun place.


              1. re: blewgo

                If you don't mind driving 10 minutes, I'd recommend Brig's in the Park on Hwy 55 (exit 278).

                1. re: jsb23nc

                  I know a lot of people like Brig's (Brigg's??)... I've been a couple of times, and never been thrilled - I've had less than friendly service, and I like my potatoes more cooked... however, it's not a "never again" place yet, maybe it's time for another try.

                2. re: blewgo

                  I called Baby Moon... closed Sundays. I'm from Louisiana, and generally am loathe to try "cajun" places around here, but I'll look into it.


                  1. re: blewgo

                    The Cajun Place, it turns out, is Cajun Charlie's - they were at Taste of Durham today. Tried their boiled crawfish - not bad... not stellar, but not at all bad. I was tempted to try some of their other stuff - really would have been the perfect opportunity, but I chickened out. I asked, they're closed Sundays.

                3. If you can stand to be less than 30 minutes from the Airport, Il Palio at the Sienna Hotel in Chapel Hill has an excellent brunch that starts at 11:30. Reservations are recommended. Omelet station, two carving meats, lots of salads, antipasti, hot dishes, even sausage and bacon.