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May 23, 2007 07:16 AM

Five Guys in Greenbelt - yummy!

I just have to thank all of the people who recommended Five Guys. I thought I'd try them out the other day, and WOW. The burgers are phenomenal! I was very impressed.
However, what's with the ear-blasting music? I couldn't hear myself think. By the time I left, I actually had a headache.

Let's hope they don't try to branch out into other foods (salad, chicken, etc) and ruin everything. Keep it simple!

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  1. I went there a month or so ago thinking that all the talk and publicity they were getting was a good sign. I wasn't that impressed. They're putting one in the shopping center about 2 minutes from my house and my boyfriend is all excited. I told him not to hold his breath.

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      As has been mentioned before, Five Guys has expanded to the point where the locations are not uniform in quality, service, etc., even though they all are operating under the same formula (fresh beef, fries cut in house, everything made to order, etc.). Even if you did not like one location, it's not a given that another will be the same, worse or better. Maybe you'll get lucky and the one two minutes from your house will have an owner/manager who stays on top of things and makes it one of the better ones.