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Oct 14, 2005 06:52 PM

63rd Annual St. John's Armenian Food Festival - 10/22 and 10/23

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A quick heads-up to mark your calendar for the 63rd Annual St. John's Armenian Church Food Festival taking place here in San Francsico next weekend: Sat. 10/22 and Sun. 10/23 from 12 Noon until 9PM both days.

Admission is FREE. It's a great opportunity to sample traditional Armenian cuisine including kufta, lamb and chicken kabobs, bourma, kurabia, cheese and spinach bouregs, hummus, tabouleh, sarma, and of course lahmajoon (ground lamb, onions, parsley on a thin pizza-like crust). Desserts available will include delicious home-made baklava and other traditional pastries.

The Festival also includes a cultural booth selling books, live music and dancing, etc.

St. John's Armenian Church
275 Olympia Way (off Clarendon at Laguna Honda Blvd.)
San Francisco
(415) 661-1142 for more information

Has anyone attended this festival? I try to go every year and it's one of the better ones in the Bay Area -- much less crowded than St. Gregory's over on Brotherhood Way -- and it's FREE admission!


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  1. thanks, nice! does the one on brotherhood way have an admission charge? i walked in on a couple days a few weeks ago and nobody said nothing. i had soujouk sandwiches there which were pretty nice, then went directly to haig's for comparison. haig's soujouk sandwich kind of sucked by comparison.

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      Yes, the St. Gregory's one on Brotherhood Way does charge an admission -- usually $5 or more (can't remember the exact price) -- and always has large crowds. St. John's is much more low-key, kinder and gentler.

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      Robert Lauriston

      We've gone a couple of times and had great food.

      Thanks for the heads-up, they usually don't publicize very well.

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        I missed the heads up this time, but I have gone before. It's an excellent event. It used to be noted in the California Academy of Sciences list of ethnic festivals, but I don't believe that's been updated in a while.