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May 23, 2007 06:42 AM

PS7's Happy Hour

Have any of you ever been to PS7 for Happy Hour? I haven't been to this restaurant/lounge yet and was wondering how their lounge menu/appetizers are. The tuna sliders and fingerling potatoes with duck confit sounds really good. But I've heard mixed things about the food---I remember a bunch of people saying go for the drinks!

I'm meeting some friends there so any recommendations? Any special drinks that are particularly good?

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  1. If you go, report back.
    I won a $100 gift card for there, and no one really replied when I asked about it...

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      I'll let you know. I'm going early next week. I'm sure I'll end up ordering something off of the lounge menu....and def. will try one of their popular drinks!

    2. The lounge menu is much better than regular menu, actually. Get the charcuterie plate, it's awesome. Duck prosciutto, yum....

      1. I've eaten off the regular menu, but not the bar menu. The regular menu had some very creative and tasty offerings, but it was kind of hit or miss. I can't be more specific because it's been a few months. The space is really lovely. We found the service to be spotty in the restuarant. The server sort of hovered at first, and then during the meal, when we actually wanted something, he was not around.

        1. I posted comments on this place about a month ago, but the one thing I remember is the breads--oh, the breads. They were great. I think 3 different kinds in the bread basket. One was a buscuit-y texture. If you go to the bar you can hopefully order a basket of their breads.
          Also, my husband went for lunch last week and said the crabcake special (kind of like a bento box--I forget what he called it) was NOT good. His coworker got a piece of fish which he said was delicious (not sure what kind of fish either--sorry).

          1. I went to PS7's last night for happy hour. Their Happy Hour deal is excellent....the wonderful Pinot Grigio we had was onlt $4 and their lounge menu was all $7 (except for 2 items for $10).

            They have a beautiful outside area and that's where we sat. I had the fingerling potatoes, duck confit, and brie dish. Now I know what you are thinking---"that sounds disgusting and probably doesn't even go together!". But it was really yummy. For some reason all those things together just tasted good. There was some sort of light sauce but I have no idea what it was.

            My friends got the risotto balls, the mini-hotdogs and half smokes, and the tuna sliders.

            I tasted the mini hotdog. Besides being adorable they tasted good as well. I didn't try the tuna sliders but they looked excellent. Basically tuna tartar between a home made bun.

            KWynn was right...the bread was excellent!!! There was 3 types---a biscuit with bacon bits in it, a herb and cheese roll and a carmelized onion roll....SO GOOD!

            The space is really cool and the service was perfect. I would def. return---especially for the Happy Hour deal. I'm interested in having a full meal there as well.