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May 23, 2007 12:02 AM

Granite Brewery - review

Well, I am not the best person to do a review however I have done a few.....
The Mrs. and I went there this evening after our ballroom dance lessons, regardless of the recent murder in the underground garage.
We toured the property and I could see that they have a very, very nice patio.
It is quite apparent that there is a "pub" seating area and another area that is more conducive to the restaurant/banquet setting.
There was nothing too much goig on this evening and we seated ourselves at what is described as "the library".
Our waiter, Bob, was quick to meet and greet us and had our "liquid" (water) at the table immediately. Bob was very attentive and regularly checked on us.
We were only there for a quick meal after our dance class so we weren't too picky.
It is clear that the fare offered is standard Pub food with a little bit of above standard fare for those that want.
We started off with bruschetta and sweet potato fries. The fries were outstanding! I wish I had ordered a double serving of them. Bruschetta was sub standard. I don't know what they are trying to accomplish but it was basicaly a bagette sliced down the middle with a marginal combo of bruschetta ingrediants with melted cheese on top. (Please, stick with more traditional cuts)
The Mrs. went with a glass of wine and I tried the "Peculiar" house brew. I was impressed with the micro brew. I wish this available at the local outlet. I will be calling upon them to allow me to purchase a load for the "Kegger" I host in August.
We ordered the Ribs and Wings. Well, let me say this, the ribs were very good! A nice Hickory flavour to them, meaty and tender. The wings were as I like them.. crispy and cooked through. I dislike wings that are too pink on the inside. So... the pub type food is a pass. Better than many.
They also cater to larger affairs with more traditional menus. I am attending one such function there on June 10 and I will report back on their "restaurant/banquet experience.

Late night snack for 2.
1 house wine.
2 "Peculiar" Beer.
Sweet Potato Fries.
Rib/Wing Combo

$52.00 plus tip.

Will follow up after the "banquet" on June 10/07.


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  1. I really like the Granite. The beers are consistently very good. I usually order the dry hopped cask conditioned bitter. The food is inconsistent and I do wish it was closer in quality to the beer. But for the price, you really can't complain. The atmosphere is relaxed and the entire pub has a great neighbourhood feel about it. The back patio is cool and quiet and a real oasis on hot summer days.

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      I third the brew comments!


    2. The "spinach" salad is very "good" at the Granite Brewery. Their "lunch" specials are also quite "nice". Though sometimes I think their "menu" is way too long and I "wonder" how the "kitchen" can pull that off. I worry that it means a lot of "pre-prep" as opposed "to" fresh preparation. Still, the beer "is" very good.

      My "head" hurts.