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May 22, 2007 11:47 PM

Best eggs benedict on the Westside?

I have friends coming in from out of town who are looking to do brunch this weend and are apparently eggs benedict junkies/connoisseurs, if that is such a thing. A good bloody mary on the side wouldn't hurt. Any thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Pacific Dining Car handles both requirements quite nicely. Your choice between the Santa Monica and Downtown locations.

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      1. re: New Trial

        I second PDC. Their food and service are impeccable.

        1. re: navystreet

          I have had terrible service experiences at the Santa Monica location from one particular waiter who works the brunch shift, like probably some of the worst service I've had in LA, and this is a town not exactly known for it's service. But the egges benedict is still the best version I've found on the westside so I keep going back! I looove the blue crab version and the eggs are perfectly poached.

      2. agree - PDC! if they are truly junkies they've got the incredible blue crab benedict and the blue crab hash...that is to die for (literally) ! also cousins Sardou and Hussarde...and a Norwegian benedict.

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        1. re: Local

          The crab hash is LITERALLY to die for? So I eat it, then die? Uh, no thanks.

          I would also suggest brunch at the Saddle Peak Lodge -- especially if the day is nice enough to sit on the patio. Terrific food, wonderful service, and an all-around experience. Here's a link to the brunch menu:

          1. re: ozhead

            Yep, enough butter and egg to send your cholesterol count skyrocketing and your heart into...well...but not necessarily a bad way to go!

            1. re: Local

              I enjoy the Eggs Benedict at 17th Street Cafe on Montana in Santa Monica. It is one of my favorites.

        2. Joes in Venice has an excellent version of eggs benedict with smoked trout. The peeky toe crab hash is also an excellent choice.

          1. This is clearly one bandwagon that may need no additional passengers but a recent late night return into LAX found us sitting down to a midnight breakfast at the Santa Monica location that began with fresh squeezed orange juice for $5, a glass of Chardonnay for $10 and the best Benedict in a long time for $15. You know, the kind where the hollandaise has the consistency of a fine sabayon, the Canadian bacon a slight crispiness around the edge with a perfectly poached egg. Add some of the best hash browns around and you possibly have your Westside winner. Not cheap mind you but the server does look like he's about to break into a chorus of "Hello Dolly"; heavily starched floor length apron and all. The cocktails are of the old school variety which means the Mary is heavily spiced and the celery stands tall. One consideration may be the time you go, however. If your friends are true connoisseurs, you might want to start the day at Shutters on the Beach Hotel's Pedals Cafe which sits literally on the beach, enjoy the weather and their version of Eggs Benedict. Pacific Dining Car, like a Raymond Chandler novel, reads best late at night.

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              Note: Pedals is closed for renovations til I don't know when. You'll want to call the hotel before heading over.