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May 22, 2007 11:10 PM

Good steak in Seattle/Bellevue?

Looking for good steak restaurant (prime, dry aged beef) in the Seattle/Bellevue area?

I had a ridiculously yummy (so tender with great fat distribution it's practically melt-in-your-mouth) piece of porterhouse in Gotham (Vancouver, BC) that they dry age themselves and cooked with only salt + pepper as seasoning. Been craving it since and would love suggestions for something closer! *before anyone thinks i polished off the porterhouse myself, i shared with someone else! hehe*

I've never tried the Met Grill - is it just all hype or is it really good?


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  1. I've had a great rib-eye at Palace Kitchen ... the have an applewood grill & they cook chicken & trout on it too. and if you are up to some easy cookin' Whole Foods has a dry-aged program and well, the staeks are thick & yummy and well, steak is the easiest thing in the world to cook

    1. Daniel's Broiler, Morton's, Jak's and the Met Grill are all reliable steakhouses in this area.

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        I heard from a friend who did some work-related investigating on the subject, that all Seattle area steak houses (from Black Angus to Daniel's) purchase from the same meat supplier (assume different grades) EXCEPT for Jak's.

        Personally, Jak's is my favorite of those listed above, but it's also the most casual and doesn't take reservations.

      2. I suggest buying it and preparing it yourself . The steaks at Central Mkt. or Whole FOods satisfy my cravings......and the price is right.

        1. I have always had fabulous steak at Mortons and Daniels.

          And I do have to point out that 21 Central in Kirkland is absolutely wonderful. I've always had great service there and it's a more intimate setting than some of the bigger places.

          1. The Met is pretty good, but the consistently best steak place in the area is, IMO, El Gaucho. In addition to the standard amazing steaks, they do a chateaubriand service for two that just rocks.