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May 22, 2007 10:30 PM

McLoone's - Sea Bright

Ate dinner there tonite with very low expectations (I was being treated). Let's
just say my expectations were not even close to being met and it even wasn't
worth the free meal. Lets see ... where to begin. Glass of wine .... horrible
(obviously the bottle had been opened for quite some time- thankfully replaced); oysters ... horrible (cloudy gray in color and did not taste fresh); rib eye steak with wild rice and asparagus ... horrible (while cooked properly it was coated with a cloying sweet sauce which ruined the meat & the rice was crunchy and hard). While the dessert tray looked interesting I
didn't want to push my luck. The only interesting things about the restaurant is
the beautiful view and the men's room (I've never seen a wood paneled bathroom
with brass fixtured urinals).

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  1. Hey, bgut, stop following me!! ha ha.. I was in Monmouth Beach last night..Sallie Tee's. My meal is so not worth mentioning, but I chuckled when I read you were in Long Branch last night and the week before we were both in Shipwreck!!!

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    1. re: Angelina

      Hey Angelina - Who's following whom? :) Sallie Tee's is an overated one in my book. My one and only meal there last year was unremarkable as well. I can't say however I was expecting more from McLoone's. I knew its bad rep before going. But free is free ... right? While traveling to the restaurant I passed by Angelica's, and was wishing I was going there instead. Now where are we going next week? :)

      1. re: bgut1

        lol!!! You are right aboout Sallie Tee's. What was I on when I actually thought it was good??

        McLoone's is another loser, but since you did not pay and were being treated, I would jump on that train as well.

        As much as I tell so many people to go to Anjelica's, I myself have not been there in quite some time! We passed it last night and funny, we were thinking the same, but winded up at horse track instead. (you ever notice all the gamblers around the bar??)

        I will have to make it to Anjelica's again soon! You made me laugh so much with your last sentence!

        Did you ever go to Neil's Original Oyster in the Highlands? AM I setting myself up for failure? SHould I just stick with that amazing seafood restaurant.....Red Lobster? ha ha ...I'M KIDDING!!!!!!

        1. re: Angelina

          Too funny. While I haven't been to Neil's, Don Wilno of the APP gave it a good review back in February. Here is the link -
          Please let us know if you go. Good Luck.

          1. re: Angelina

            "lol!!! You are right aboout Sallie Tee's. What was I on when I actually thought it was good??"

            I usually go to Sallee Tee's for lunch but I've been pretty happy with what I've had. The grilled chicken and portobello sandwich is quite good and the freshly made deli sandwiches are outstanding.

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              I live within stumbling distance of Sallee Tee's. I have yet to be impressed by a dinner meal there. Happily, their lunches are very good. Portions are huge and it comes with the pickle bar.

              1. re: fershore

                love that place! meet friends for lunch many x's at Sallee Tee's. I've had a number of good dinners/sushi there too but yes, lunch is better.

                1. re: HillJ

                  I drove past the house the owner(s) of Sallie Tee's is building in Monmouth Beach. It looks like a complete renovation. Can we say waterfront mega mansion? Yes, we can.

                  1. re: tom porc

                    the house that coleslaw built!

                    1. re: tom porc

                      Hi Tom. Is it one of the houses when you are out on the marina (by his restaurant) and you look to the left? Thanks :)

                      1. re: Angelina

                        Sorry for the slow response. :(

                        Yes, it is. The oversized house on a too small lot.

                        Thanks, fershore. Boy, I didnt realize so many people were familar with Monmouth Pkwy in Monmouth Beach.

                      2. re: tom porc

                        It's not a renovation. It's a knockdown and rebuild though progress has been slow. It was in a nearly finished state at the end of last summer. I can't imagine anyone needing that much space. Last summer, a regular at Sallee Tee's said he was buying both the restaurant and the house from Sal.

                2. re: Angelina

                  Try Neil's! It's my fav right now....nice selection of seafood dishes that are different and well presented. Try the wasabi slaw and the gnocchi if you can. My favorite dish right now is the bronzed mahi-mahi, but I haven't had anything there I didn't like. Outside dining is now open. It's a deck like atmosphere right up against the dock. Service can be so-so, but I think they are breaking in the summer staff. I was just there last Friday and the food was good as always!

                  1. re: Jen_in_NJ

                    I was at Neil's this past Saturday night and I would NEVER recommend this restaurant to anyone. It took over 2 hours for us to be served our main courses (and they didn't all come out of the kitchen at once). We were not the only table to experience this problem either. There was no excuse offered to us by the server or the owner since the restaurant was not even half-filled. While I will say that some of the food was tasty (the appetizers), our main courses were either cold or tasteless. While the owner was well aware of our table's situation, he never apologized to us as we were walking out the door. Service can make or break my opinion of a restaurant and obviously this restaurant will never succeed with it's current philosophy. It was a horribly disappointing evening and we will never be returning.

                    1. re: Rochelle in NJ

                      The restaurants in Highlands are in constant flux. The Press said 4 places closed in the last year and 4 others opened. They change so quickly I cant keep up with it and, therefore, never go there to eat figuring they would be different when I arrive.

            2. How interesting. A friend called me Monday to say she had been at McLoone's last week. Her comments were great view, but really mediocre food. And, she's not a foodie!
              Guess this is one to stay away from.

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              1. re: mschow

                mschow - Listen to your friend. Unless you are going for drinks and the view, I would stay away. Although I have never been to their Pier Village location, I understand the same applies as well.

                1. re: bgut1

                  We've not eaten at the Pier Village location. We did consider having lunch there once. We stopped in and had a look at the menu. Not very appealing. And this was before I read any of the negative posts about the food on this board. 20-20 foresight on might part? lol

                  Edited to add: Never been to the Sea Bright location either. But it doesn't take a culinary Einstein to figure out that if the food there is blech, there's not much chance the food at Pier Village would be any better. lol

                  1. re: RGR

                    I ate at McLoone's in Sea Bright with an Entertainment coupon, and even with the coupon, it was just barely worth the trip for me.

                    Yes, McLoone's has a great view. But views are free just outside!

                  2. re: bgut1

                    Second the motion for drinks and view only.

                2. Tim Mcloone is beloved throughout the county. For that alone his restaurants remain frequented by locals. But I keep in mind the summer traffic who may experience both of his restaurants during their "week at the Jersey shore" and have nothing but glowing reviews because they "experienced" shore-dom.

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                  1. re: HillJ

                    Yes, Tim McLoone is loved by many in the area. Charity work. Holiday Express.
                    Unfortunately, his restaurants survives sorely by his reputation. Not food quality.

                    With 2 new places opening in Sea Bright. He may have some competition.

                    1. re: tom porc

                      Ooo. What are the two new places? The ones that I'm familiar with (Ross's, The Palm, Trattoria "G") shouldn't put a dent in McLoone's business. Different audiences.

                      I think McLoone's Sea Bright gets much of its staying power from weddings/banquets.