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May 22, 2007 10:27 PM

Soft boiled egg + toast + bacon? [moved from South board]

I grew up with this breakfast dish, and love it to this day. My father was from Hamilton and Columbus Georgia, and I am wondering if this is a regional dish. The eggs need to be soft enough to coat the buttered toast, and the salt and pepper go on at the last minute so they are still identifiable. It's the ultimate comfort food.

Someone suggested that this dish is called 'eggs in a mess', and that it was described in a Dorothy Parker children's book, but we never had a name for it in our family.

Does anyone else have this in their food memory banks?

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  1. I like egg in a hole or whatever its called. Make a hole in a slice of bread with a glass or fry it in some butter and break and egg into the hole till egg is done.

    1. Don't often have it with bacon, but soft eggs (usually poached or coddled, if my grandmother was there) and toast was a daily thing when I was a kid. We lived in Virginia.

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        Toast layered with a slice of cheese, 2 soft boiled eggs, and at least three strips of pepper bacon = pure heaven.

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          Every other day I have a grapefruit and poached egg on toast (has to be runny)! Would love to have the bacon but I'm trying to slim down so....... I am originally from Pennsylvania.

      2. I grew up in Pennsylvania, eating a similar dish.

        It was a soft-boiled egg in a bowl, then you tore up the toast and cut up a hunk of cooked scrapple. Mushed it all together, then salt and peppered it. Gosh, it was good, and I'm not a huge egg fan, but mix it all up and it was a great breakfast.

        1. I grew up in a NYC suburban, Jewish home. Whenever I was sick, my mother would butter some white toast, tearing into spoon size pieces, soft-boil an egg, and crumble a slice of crispy bacon - all mixed up together with s & p. Getting sick was no fun, but the home remedy, along with chicken soup for dinner usuallu did the trick.

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            That sounds like the dish I make. I didn't mention that the toast was buttered first, and then torn into spoon size pieces, but you described it perfectly. The mushing of QueenB's post was part of the process too.

            So it doesn't appear to be a regional dish. If he did indeed eat this as a child, that would have been in the 1900-1910 time period, in Georgia.

            Thanks everyone

          2. yah great stuff. i usually don't have the bacon but sometimes do. while i'm here in new zealand, buttered toast and soft eggs (soft boiled, poached, or sunny side up) have replaced my other favorite: soft eggs in a bowl of buttery grits and a dash of hot sauce. no grits here in NZ that i can find. also, the bacon here is much different, just as good, but different but that's for another board, heh.