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May 22, 2007 10:22 PM

Make my dinner!! ( a list of ingredients)

As talked about in another thread, I am on a strict diet at the mo'.

Last night was my last night of "real" food.

Tonight is my last night of solid food.. and the list of "can haves" is sorely lacking.

I can have

steamed fish/chicken
well cooked peeled potatoes
well cooked peeled pumpkin
white bread
a small amount of cottage cheese.
low fat plain yoghurt
boiled eggs.
boiled white rice.

I can use a small amount of seasoning such as salt or lemon juice.. but no fresh herbs (they're green) or heavy flavours.

I am certainly NOT allowed to have anything red or purple, no yellow cheese, no vegetables and no nuts/seeds.

So.. with the above extensive list.. what should I have for dinner??

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  1. Stuff the chicken with a stuffing made from toast, boiled eggs, and a bit of the pumpkin. Flavor the rice with a bit of the yogout mixed in with diced pumpkin pieces and lemon. Are onions OK? A bit of yoghurt blended with lemon juice and onions makes a tasty sauce.

    This diet is FASCINATING!

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    1. re: lunchbox

      no onions...

      and it ain't a diet, darl... it's a fast for a medical procedure... you don't honestly think I would voluntarily eat like this, do you!!!!!!

      1. re: purple goddess

        I so feel for you. As I read this, I'm in my 21st hour of fasting for a medical procedure. I've got about 17 to go. I'd eat anything on your list in a heartbeat, but of course I'd like even better to eat things not on your list. So why read Chowhound right now? I've always been good at eating vicariously, and well, it's just so dang addivitive!

        1. re: maestra

          maestra.. I got about 17 hours to go, too..

          I;m on clear fluids only today.

          I too, am vicariously punishing myself by hanging out here....

          For the curious, I cooked a take on kedgeree last night. white rice, flaked steamed fish, some ricotta topped with crumbled hard boiled eggs and white bread crumbs.

          it was bloody awful.

    2. I assume you'll be stuck with the diet for multiple meals. This may mean:

      1. Chicken w/ mashed potatoes with yogurt:
      2. Steamed fish, boiled white rice, and broiled pumpkin;
      3. Egg salad sandwich (white bread + boiled eggs mixed w/ yogurt)
      4. Cottage cheese + yogurt + shredded steamed chicken salad
      5. Chicken w/ broiled pumpkin mashed w/ yogurt
      6. Fish w/broiled pumpkin mashed w/ yogurt
      7. Fish + egg spread sandwich
      8. Steamed chicken w/ cottage cheese + pumpkin + yogurt sauce w/ cubed potatoes
      9. Pumpkin rice + chicken in yogurt sauce....

      ...and so on.

      1. I assume "no heavy flavors" means that even if you don't eat the flavoring it is still off the list. So no food cooked with onion, or garlic, or pepper, or soy sauce...etc..

        Are you allowed to eat egg yolks or just the whites? In other words could you "scramble" the egg and then steam / boil / microwave it in a cup?

        Can you use flour tortillas to make a roll-up? A potato, cottage cheese and chicken or fish wrap could be ok.

        1. Could you boil the chicken to make a broth (albeit not an overly flavorful one) and then use the broth to make a pureed pumpkin soup? shred the chicken for other uses - or some to go back into the soup.

          I am sure you have wracked your brains to figure out any possible way to bend the rules without breaking them. What are the limits for how the potatoes and pumkin can be prepared. I'm assumng that even a dry roast in the oven would be out of bounds.

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          1. re: KaimukiMan

            I was kinda thinking the same thing about the broth idea but I was thinking of using poaching liquid for a pseudo risotto? Pumkin risotto with some cottage cheese tossed in at the end to get all melty and creamy? Served along side the poached chicken tossed in Lemon Juice!