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May 22, 2007 10:08 PM

Restaurants for Party of!

I'm looking for a restaurant that's reasonably priced for a party of 7-8. Something yummy - but not too greasy...and not chinese food. My uncle and aunt are over from Hong Kong and I'm taking them out along with another aunt, my grandma, and my mom, pops and sister. Any suggestions? Any place that has good food and not too expensive? Any suggestions would be helpful!


Upon suggestion..East Bay would be best (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany) but San Francisco would work too. I think they're up for anything...just nothing too greasy.

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  1. What location are you looking for?? In San Francisco, East Bay or??
    Also, with family, it might help if you can tell us what kinds of food they prefer or do not prefer.

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    1. re: liujenny

      Thanks for the suggestion! I just reposted with more info. =)

      1. re: kachoo

        Also, would this be for dinner or lunch? Day of week would be important too... =) As well as price range~

        1. re: liujenny

          sorry - my first posting. Okay - so it'll be a Tuesday night for dinner. Price range - $20-$30 per person

    2. Pizzaiolo
      Cesar (Oakland branch)
      Sea Salt
      A Cote

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I would also recommend Pizzaiolo and A Cote...

        But if you would like to go for non-Chinese Asian food, I would recommend Uzen for Japanese, or Soi4 on College or Cha-Am on Shattuck for Thai.

        1. re: liujenny

          Soi4's really good. Much better food and nicer atmosphere than Cha Am, which I find bland and Americanized.

          I'm not sure about Uzen for a group that big.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I agree with Robert... Soi4 is really much nicer...

            However, for Uzen, it would be a great choice if maybe you could call for a reservation, although I admit it is a small restaurant. Great food for reasonable prices.

          2. re: liujenny

            for non-chinese asian food, sahn maru and oghane are good also.