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May 22, 2007 09:49 PM

Best prices on toaster ovens in MSP?

Going to the cities this weekend. I've put off buying a toaster oven long enough. I've narrowed it down to three: Cuisinart TOB175, about $180; Krups FBC 2, $130 to 160; and T-fal Avante Elite, price?

I would like suggestions on places to shop for the best price. I have access to Costco. Any other good places to shop for this appliance? I would also appreciate opinions, pro or con on performance. I've read the crumb tray has to be removed from the back of the cuisinart. That sounds like a pain.

I've read most of the posts on chowhound. That's how I arrived at the above three. TIA

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  1. Connie - we have finally joined Costco and I am a really big fan now. Their prices seem hard to beat. But, did you check online too? Sometimes QVC.COM has really great prices and they make it really easy to order by phone and returns are also very easy. I have alwys bought the Krups toaster ovens and have been really pleased. They are a great bargain. Very simple instructions too.

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      Many thanks for your response and your endorsement of krups. I had ruled it out until I saw one in another city. If I don't find one in Msp, I'll definitely check QVC and a few other online places.

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        If you have a bed bath & beyond, they have the krups and you can use a 20% off coupon, even if expired, they still accept.

    2. I ended up getting a Krups FBC from Bed Bath and Beyond that I'm trying out this week. It holds a pie plate and a 9x9 bakiing dish. It seems very well made. Positive reviews overwhelmed any negative reviews

      It is black, but white would look nicer in my blue and white kitchen. Other hesitations: it doesn't seem big enuf to cook a small chicken. Not sure if it's big enuf to supplement my main oven for big holiday gatherings. I've considered the George Foreman 8 in 1 that also has a rotisserie, but reviews are only ok. Cleaning may not be as easy either. Anyone out there who can attest to the George Foreman toaster oven for or against? Thanks. Perhaps the Chowboard should transfer this tread to the cookware section because it's beyond the original subject of toaster oven prices in MSP.

      O know, enuf already with toaster ovens, but I want to avoid being disappointed.