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May 22, 2007 08:51 PM


Today a coworker and I were talking, and she brought up one of her favorite spots for lunch. It's a place called Govindas located in the Hare Krishna temple on a street called Watseka, kinda close to Culver City. The way she was raving about how delicious the food was made me kind of curious. Has anyone been to this place, and if so, how is the food? Thanks!

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  1. I had some of their 'food' several years ago and found it to be awful! The hare krishna folks are not allowed to consume garlic or onions - the stuff I had was bland glop!

    1. I didn't think it was that bad, but then I'm deathly allergic to onions, so it was a thrill not to have to be on alert and fish them out from everything. Going there is kind of a cultural experience (and you can get in a little shopping too, since they have a store with items imported from India). I'd go more for the experience if I were in the neighborhood, than actually for the food.

      1. There's a sandwich counter on the left as you enter the building, where you can get something fairly tasty and relatively inexpensive -- or a vegetarian "pizza" which isn't awful.

        The food in the buffet (sold by weight) struck me as fairly bland, but I had a boss who loved the place and insisted that we accompany him there once a week or so. The sandwiches kept me going.

        1. Yeah, Govinda's is in culver city and the food isnt that great. Besides, I have a hard time supporting any restaurant where the proceeds go to a religious organization...I dont want them putting anything in my food.
          Right around the corner from Govinda's is a little place called India's Sweet and Spices. It is an indian market with a mini restaurant in it. Though it may seem a little daunting for the first-timer, it is worthwhile to hash it out (waiting in line and picking what you want may seem precarious). The food is super cheap, very tasty, and has no god in it!

          1. It's okay, but Samosa House is pretty close by and will win out every time!

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              Hey is Samosa House by any chance located on Washington Blvd? I think I saw it as I was heading to my local Costco.