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May 22, 2007 08:13 PM

Wilmette/Glenview for drinks & dinner

I am visiting from LA and need a place in Glenview or Wilmette for great drinks/ happy hour or possible dinner. My sister here has 3 kids under 4 so a 10 minute radius from home is best. She is close to the 41 and Lake exit. We have been to The Glen but are at a loss for better. Any thoughts?

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  1. I can recommend a couple of places in Glenview that would be a good choice.

    Wildfire - a steak and chophouse decent steaks and seafood at reasonable prices, with a nice big bar.

    Mitchell’s Fish Market - a fair priced seafood place with simple dishes with an emphasis on freshness, they also have a good sized bar.

    Both places are located in the "Glen" on Patriot Blvd, with plenty of parking located in a couple of parking garages. Both places are popular on the weekends so make reservations.

    1. Bonefish, though a chain, features a nice array of tasty fish dishes - particularly those that are simply grilled and sauced. They also have a range of wine, beer, and bar drinks for a happy hour. It gets crowded on weekends, so make reservations. The location near the intersection of Grosse Point Road and Skokie Boulevard fits your location requirement.

      1. I like Wildfire and Mitchell's Fish Market, recommended above by EvanstonFoodGuy, but they are a bit further than you're asking - probably 10-15 minutes.

        Within ten minutes, Bonefish Grill (mentioned above), and also Don's Fishmarket, right across the street (which has been in the area for many years), both serve very good, fresh seafood. Both are south of Old Orchard Mall (Lake St Wilmette is one exit north of the mall on 41). Within the mall itself - which means they're even closer - are several good choices: Maggiano's (Italian), Cheesecake Factory (American), California Pizza Kitchen (pizza), and Billy Berk's (American).

        Additional web links:
        Bonefish Grill -
        Don's Fishmarket -,0,884374.venue
        Maggiano's -
        Cheesecake Factory -
        California Pizza Kitchen -
        Billy Berk's -

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          nsxtasy always has great suggestions, I would like to add "The Noodle" in Glenview. It's near the train station, and has a nice wine list, and cocktails. The food is pretty good. You get to pick your own type pasta, and sauce. We dine their often with our children.

        2. We often go to Mitchell's and Wildfire with the kids. They are no further from 41 and Lake than the places mentioned by nsxtasy. Also, the places near Old Orchard are likely to be very crowded. The restaurants in the Glenn take reservations, so you won't have to entertain hungry kids while waiting around. There's also a casual Japanese restaurant called Akai Hana right on Lake at 41 that is very kid friendly.