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May 22, 2007 08:05 PM

Looking for delightfully greasy non chain fast food in Orlando!

Ok, I have been to Cappys(pretty good) Hot dog heaven, the weiner wagon, and a variety of others , what are the really tasty fast food non chain treats in the Orlando area,and where are they,THANKS!

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  1. Chubby's is a relatively new hot dog place on 17-92 in Casselberry, just north of Spartan Road (right before you take the exit onto Maitland). I hear they specialize in Chicago-style dogs.

    The best by-the-slice pizza I've had in Orlando is from Lazy Moon Pizzeria near UCF (Alafaya and University), Italian Village in Casselberry (436 and Red Bug Lake Road), and Del Dio's (436 and Oxford, right near 17-92). All big, greasy, crispy New York-style slices.

    Have you tried bahn mi, Vietnamese sub sandwiches? The best ones are from Ba Le, the French-Vietnamese bakery on Mills Avenue, a few blocks north of Colonial. Full of delicious and exotic meats and veggies on delicious crusty baguettes, not a one costs more than $5. The bakery also features plenty of other Vietnamese snacks, drinks, beef jerky and sausages, and French-style pastries.

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      Beefy King is a good one on Bumby. They serve great tater tots! Also Billy Bob's Chilli Dogs in sanford(If they are still there). It's not a chain yet but sandfire grill in oviedo is trying to get there.

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        I second the recommendations for Del Dio (I'm partial to both their pizza & their cheesesteak subs) and Beefy King (I grew eating there a couple of times a month - regular beefy & tator tots please!)

    2. This is a SoFla chain (used to be called Chicken Kitchen) but you might really like Natural Chicken Grill, 63 N. Orange Ave., Orlando. Marinated and grilled whole chickens chopped up right in front of you. Order the Natural Chop -- chunks of breast meat served over yellow rice w/pita bread -- and get the mustard curry sauce. It's very addictive. (It's the official food of UMiami dorm students, and the reason I gained so much weight in college, LOL.)

      Orlando City beat review:

      1. Johnny's Fillin' Station on Michican is reported to have the best burger in town, though I have not been there (it is on my list to try).

        I have to respectfully disagree with the Beefy King recommendation. I (sort of) ate there once, and it was the worst thing I have ever (sort of) eaten. I took one bite of my sandwich and that was it.

        I second the recommendation fo Natural Chicken Grill, except it may not satisfy your "greasy" requirement. It is delicious though.

        How "non-chain" do you require? Are local chains okay, just not national? Or absolutely no chain? O'Boys BBQ is a local favorite that expanded within the city out of sheer demand, because it's that good.

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          NCG is not greasy, but it's super carb-heavy, especially when you mix the sauce in the rice and stuff into the pita. . .mmm. . .lol

        2. SORRY for the repeat posts! My stupid computer re-sends the information when I hit the back button.

          1. Ooh! Ooh! I forgot! If you want really, really fantastic, greasy, non-chain, southern cooking, go to Johnson's Diner. It is one of those legendary, non-fancy, family owned (I think), local places with the best homecooked food!