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May 22, 2007 07:39 PM

Pure Pizza - Berlin, Ct

Is this restaurant open? They've been advertising on a couple of radio stations but I drove there last night around 8 and it looked like a place that is not ready to open for another 2-3 weeks

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  1. I have not heard of this restaurant, what is the address?

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    1. re: westie

      1632 Berlin Turnpike in Berlin. It's a little south of the new Stew Leonard's.

    2. You need to go south on the Berlin Turnpike past the Rt. 9 interchange. When you pass Berlin Bowl (on your right) make a U-turn at the next light (left) and pure pizza is immediately on your right (next to Centerfolds).

      Pizza is better than Pepe's. One of the pizza cooks worked at Pepe's for 22 years. They also carry Foxon Park sodas (served at Pepe's).

      Ph. 860-828-3759

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      1. re: Lindabrs

        I was surprised to recognize a face when I stopped in last night. The guy preparing the pizza, I assume the owner, previously owned New York New York Pizza on East Main Street in Meriden. Pure Pizza is primarily a take out restaurant though there is a counter with several stools. There was only one other customer during the 10 minutes I waited for my pizza to be ready on this Saturday night. Our cheese pizza was not very good suffering from being oversauced and a crust that was unevenly cooked. Due to concerns with turnover, I would be very cautious in ordering any of their meals particularly those involving seafood.

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        1. This pizza is one of the best in the area. The pizzas are unique in that they are made in the New Haven Wooster Street style. Reminds me of Verdolini's Apizza in Meriden which was established in 1931, a coal fired brick oven pizza but after Victor died and the last Flood closed what I would have called "Pizza Heaven". They were the best, this is close to what they made. plain sans cheese pizza nothing better.

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