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May 22, 2007 07:36 PM

Good eats near the Oratoire?

Hello hounds,

I'm new to your board and visiting Montreal, but the transit strike has put a real damper on my mobility, of course. I'm planning to head out to spend a quiet day at the Oratoire St. Joseph tomorrow (if I can drag my sorry butt out of bed in time to make it before the morning rush hour service ends!). Once I'm there, I'll stay more or less put until the afternoon rush service begins again.

Can anyone recommend a good place to eat lunch within a 10 minute walk of the Côte des Neiges métro? Preferably under $20 (I won't be having any wine), and not too heavy (tomorrow is not my poutine day). Other than that, I'm open to any suggestions that are out there.

Thanks a million for any help at all...

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  1. Not too heavy etc, how about the Commensal?

      1. Talay thai has a pretty good mango salad if you want something a bit lighter. They're located just a few blocks north of the metro.

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          Bistro Olivieri - next to Librarie Olivieri - is a very nice place there but probably fancier than you want, eating alone. You can get a very nice lunch at Boucherie Atlantique - they have some tables now.

          I studied at Université de Montréal, but so many places have closed or changed hands of late...

        2. Hi all, thanks so much for the replies. Obviously I haven't figured out how to search the threads here, because yes, JP, that previous post was exactly what I needed! As it happened, only the Commensal suggestion was up before I had to hit the road, and that's where I ended up. And, as usual, fell into the buffet plate overload trap, paying for lots of food I didn't eat. Alas!
          However, the Oratoire was wonderful, and I just might be able to use some of the other suggestions later in the week if I go back. Thanks to you all...

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            I hope you saw the original small shrine Frère André erected in the little wood behind the big Oratoire. Keep Olivieri for a meal with a friend or relative, but you'll enjoy going to Boucherie Atlantique alone.