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May 22, 2007 07:26 PM

Woo Lae Oak on La Cienega wasn't that great.....

I wasn't impressed by the food. In my humble opinion, the ambiance is stale (and loud), the food is overpriced, and the servers weren't that helpful. My friend said that the tuna and the eel was good.
But I'd much prefer paying for the food, than paying for the ambiance.

Any other suggestions on Korean ? I've heard BCD Tofu house is awesome.

Our main mistake for choosing Woo Lae Oak is that we thought we should go to the one on Western, only to find out that it's been closed for quite a while. So we thought the food would be the same for the La Cienega version.

We've been to the Korean grill on Western. The one where they use charcoal grills. We've always eaten there, but now we're thinking of trying other places.

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  1. Try Soot Bull Jeep on 8th street. It's a grill but good and reasonable.

    1. Yes Woo Lae Oak is pretty aweful. Agree. Also agree that Soot Bull Jeep is better.

      1. I had a really bad but expensive meal there- I think it is just the name- there are plenty others who are MUCH better

        1. Try Ma dong gooksoo on Western at James J Woods, Sa Rit Gol on Olympic at Serrano, and Yongsusan on Vermont if you are looking for Korean places that are not primarily bulgoki-oriented. Woo Lae Oak sucks.

          1. since it looks like you are looking for a "nicer" korean bbq spot, i would suggest going to chosun in koreatown.

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              Chosun Galbi has often been recommended as the go-to for Korean BBQ when bringing un-initiated friends who've never had real Korean BBQ before. I'm the sadistic friend that takes them to Soot Bull Jeep without warning them about the smoke.

              1. re: SauceSupreme

                lol. great minds think alike. but i take them to soot bull guirim because i am an AYCE lover.

                1. re: SauceSupreme

                  Ah I love your thinking too but sadly my efforts in this regard failed when I took my mom from Missouri to sbj on an extremely packed Sunday evening... blue smoke filled the whole place and we were teary-eyed from smoky irritation within minutes. Mom complained the whole time and now on subsequent visits to LA has never let me take her to another Korean BBQ joint for fear of a repeat experience.

                  Shoulda gone to Chosun Galbee!

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