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May 22, 2007 07:25 PM


I am looking to buy a double burner reversible griddle/grill. There is such a difference in price that I wanted to know what your experiences are. I want to be able to grill steaks on top of the stove. I have a bbq, and a George Forman grill, but don't always want to bbq, and I'm not crazy about steaks on the George Forman. I've seen Calphlon for a couple of hundred, and Emeril for fifty, also a lodge. Please help.

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  1. We have the Lodge and love it, with one caveat - we use the griddle side more often than the grill, and find that using the grill side, which of course puts direct flame on the griddle side, messes up the seasoning of the griddle. Next time we use the griddle we have to be extra-careful about greasing it well.

    1. I'm your gal! I have a Calphalon (just a grill, not a grill/griddle combo) and an old, no-name cast iron grill/griddle combo. I find I use the cast-iron one most frequently, because I am often a bit worried about scratching the Calphalon.

      That said: I use the cast iron griddle for pancakes, french toast, etc. frequently. I use the cast-iron grill for meat and veggies.

      I use the Calphalon for more delicate grilling, such as fish - they won't stick to the non-stick.

      Does that help?

      1. I have the LC reversible grill/griddle and love it! I have done pancakes, sausages, eggs, etc... I use both sides equally. Thanks to my mother in law for the fantastic gift. It has a permanent spot on my stove.

        1. We got the Lodge as a wedding gift, and it's amazing. It conducts and holds heat wonderfully, and as long as you grease it properly you can maintain the seasoning on both sides without a problem. The grill side is a bit of a pain to clean (use the griddle side for fish!) but no worse than other grill pans. $33 on Amazon right now with free shipping - snap it up!

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            The Lodge pre-seasoned double-burner reversible is terrific on my gas stove. The seasoning still takes some care, as Allstonian pointed out, but it holds heat really well, leaves great grill marks on the grill side (panini are great with a weight such as a sandwich press or can of tomatoes on top), and you can cook french toast and pancakes on the griddle side with just a hint of oil. For washing, after it cools I just run it under hot water and take a stiff brush or scrubber to it, dry it and occasionally very lightly coat it with oil to prevent rusting. You can often get great deals on Amazon if you take your time and check out different deals, and watch for free shipping and other specials.

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              Thanks for the heads-up. I just bought one from Amazon! My friend had the EmerilWare griddle/grill on his wedding registry but I'm gonna suggest the Lodge to him.