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May 22, 2007 06:54 PM

Which is LESS formal, Emeril's NOLA or Delmonico's?

Will be arriving Friday afternoon for Sunday wedding in Covington (nephew getting married!)...contemplating a NICE evening dinner on Saturday with my 3 sons and one of their cousins but we need the less formal of the 2 restaurants. Thanks and I've taken copious notes from this board over the past 2 weeks!

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    1. NOLA and make sure to try the stuffed wings app!

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        adding that to my notes! thank you!

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          Chef, I DID try those wings and they were AMAZING and delicious! (how the heck do they get the stuffing in that wing????) That would have sufficed for my entire meal, too! We had a truly memorable and excellent lunch at NOLA on Saturday! One son ordered the shrimp and grits for his entree and I about died when I tasted a bite of it. My entree was seared mahi mahi over white beans with a basil mayonnaise and it was equally astounding. All 5 of us just totally were impressed by the impeccable service and fabulous foods we had. Sons and nephew kept thanking me all day long; I can only imagine how great Delmonico's would be too. We also ate at Felix's since Acme Oyster House had a line around the building on Friday night ... super boiled crawfish and raw oysters! My brother drove us around to see the wards that are still in bad shape, too; it really gives you a sense of what has happened there. But, we vow to attend Jazz Fest next year!

        2. Nice pair of slacks, nice golf shirt will work at all three..............

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            Okay, I just didn't want a jacket handed to the young men...I actually was able to get dinner reservations at Delmonico's but could only get lunch reservations at NOLA, so the choice will be theirs. Delmonico's website says "Casual to dressy" too. Thanks!