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May 22, 2007 06:36 PM

Freddie's Soulfood -- Charleston, SC

Has anyone eaten at Freddie' Soulfood, whose signs brag about fried and garlic crabs? It is located on upper Meeting Street by the exit from the Cooper River Bridge.

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  1. Yes. It was terrible. It is really just a bar that happens to serve food. The "red rice" was what I have come to expect from faux soul food restaurants: grease laden, under-cooked grains further dried by being kept on a steam table or warm oven. The seafood is what I was after though. This was equally disappointing and over priced. I have found that the best place for this food is Daves. I have not eaten there since he moved but the old shanty on Rutledge Ave had great lunches and better 3AM pork chop sandwiches. When the price went up by a quarter it was the biggest blow to late night dinning downtown since Huddle House became Basil.

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      How disappointing about Freddie's. Every time I see their sign I have chili crab cravings, and hoped they might help satisfy that.

      Where is Dave's now that it moved?


      1. re: DavidA

        Dave's is now on the corner of Cumming & Morris streets. Unfortunately he does not do boiled crab. There really is a dearth of good soul food/seafood joints in town. The Anchorline was the best but it is gone. L.J.'s was not great when it was doing lunch but L.J. said that he is going to try it one more time. This time it is going to be more restaurant and less bar. They are renovating right now.