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May 22, 2007 06:32 PM

Taqueria Nacionale

I made my first visit to Taqueria Nacionale, adjacent to Johnny's Half Shell. I had already eaten lunch and my ability to visit was just chance. I had a chicken taco that was very good. The chicken, tortillas, and salsa were good. I could have used a bit of chopped onion or something else. Unfortunately, it is only open during the week till 3:00 so I won't get a chance to go there much, save for the rare day off. On the up side, it seems like it is a great little taqueria.

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  1. Sounds great. Any picnicking options nearby?

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    1. re: NoVaDog

      You can walk over to the Capitol grounds. I tried to sit on one of the planters outside the building, but they are very uncomfortable. Even though I live very close by, I will rarely be able to go there because of their opening hours. I need to have a meeting in DC to make it happen.

    2. That's the first I've heard of that place and I work a couple of blocks from Johnny's. I'll have to check it out for lunch soon.

      1. They are also offering breakfast now right? Is the breakfast out of the Taqueria or out of Johnny's?

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          The breakfast is out of the Taqueria. They had only a few items, including waffles and a breakfast taco.

        2. Went today for lunch. Not much of a line at 12:30pm, perhaps people don’t know about it? Kind of hidden behind Johnnys. There are five types of tacos: meat, carnitas, fish, chicken, and bean. All pretty good and under $2. They also have an entrée option which was meatloaf and mashed potatos for $5.50. The yucca is very tender and perfectly fried, best I’ve had yet. And the sauce! There are some benches around the building on the north and west sides, not the most pleasant environment, but there doesn’t appear to be much in the immediate area, Capitol grounds as has been noted and maybe even all the way over to the Arboretum which used to have some outdoor furniture on the Library of Congress side. All in all, worthwhile and inexpensive, nice combo.

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            Forgot to mention they're tuned to a Mexican radio station for your listening pleasure.

          2. Found this review (and comments) online in the WaPo: