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May 22, 2007 06:24 PM

Kyung Ju

Anyone been to this Korean place on 163rd or can recommend other good Korean in Miami? We had fantastic Korean food recently at, of all places, a Hilton in Long Island. Apparently Korean Air puts up all its employees at the hotel and so they let some folks open up a little Korean restaurant in a corner of another restaurant, and I loved it. In any event, have had a hankering ever since and was curious if Kyung Ju or anywhere else local would hit the spot.

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  1. Last I was there -- probably going on a year ago now -- it was good. Nothing spectacular, but good and it ought to do the trick. Da Mee Rak in Lauderhill is a bit better IMO, but not enough that I'd go too far out of my way.

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      1. Frod, I have been going to Myung Ga in Weston. It's good & clean. I know there is also one in Doral. The kimchee & other little plates are fresh as tasty. Their kimchee certainly authentic since the last time I had it I bit into a pickled oyster (an accquired taste!) Their hot stone dish looks really good (serve w/ fresh egg). Although, this place (Weston) doesn't have the BBQ grill on their tables.

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          Yeah, I'll second Myung Ga for things like stews. The fresh tofu, made on-site last I checked, was especially good. But their menu is much narrower, maybe one boekum, one or two kinds of scallion pancake, and to the extent they do BBQ at all, it comes precooked from the kitchen. It's really about the stews.

          And yeah, best kimchi around, very explicitly non-vegan, strewn with raw crab if I recall.

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            In Doral, Sakura is delicious. They have a Korean chef from Korea -- do you hear me -- and make all their pickles, kimchi, fresh from scratch on the premises. It's a cool strip mall spot!

            1. re: hatless

              I've never tried Sakura, but that sounds promising.

              But for sure, older Shilla Korean Restaurant in Central Miami (by the ghetto Mall of the Americas) is much better than my experience at newer Myung Ga in Weston.

              Shilla Korean Restaurant
              7917 NW 2nd St
              Miami, FL 33126
              (305) 267-0011

              I want to try out a lunch place in the Fashion District in Miami - Choice Cafe. but it is a simplistic restaurant offering simplistic fare for a largely Korean clientele since a significant amount of Koreans work in the Fashion District Have anyone tried this place?

              And I haven't tried Kyung Ju yet.

              1. re: mialebven

                I've eaten at each of these but Choice, and Sakura, in my view, is head and shoulders above the others. On Saturday, I ate seafood pajun and bulkogi with tofu and lots of kimchi and daikon. All were excellent!