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May 22, 2007 06:17 PM

The Varsity...?

Is The Varsity really that good? I just am in Atlanta for only a few days and don't want to waste a meal at a mediocre fast food spot. What do you think?

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  1. No, it's definitely not that good. Don't waste a perfectly good meal opportunity on it -- unless it's nostalgia time in which case I suppose it has its appeal. A certain mystique also surrounds it, but not deservedly so. JMHO of course.

    1. My husband went to college in Atlanta 30 years ago and is all I heard about for years was the chili dog and a large orange-I think it is more nostalgia than good food. We did eat there 23 years ago and as you can tell, have not been back in 23 years

      1. thanks, that's what I was thinking. What about the Vortex? The atmosphere looks a bit blah, but I love a good burger...

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          The Vortex is great for burgers and bar food. Much better than the Varsity, which is a nostalgic fast food joint. The atmosphere at the Vortex is punk rock meets biker bar.

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            I second the Vortex! As potterybliss says, they have great burgers (beef, turkey, chicken and veggie) and a wide assortment of delicious bar food. The fried zucchini is sinfully good!

        2. Lord, no. We lived in Decatur for 7 years and everyone who came to visit us made us take them there to eat. Ugh. The food isn't awful, but it's not good either. If you're in search of great food in the Atlanta area, you can do much better.

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            Consider it a visit to a local tourist attraction. Get one meal between your whole group. It's hard to describe, but it's grease-laden in the best of ways IMHO.

          2. I think I might need to start a Varsity support group. "Hi, my name's Joy and I actually like the Varsity." [group] "Hi Joy."

            It's a mediocre fast food spot for sure...and it will give you heartburn and a plethora of other gastrointestinal experiences, but the fried peach pie is a wonderful guilty pleasure. And the onion rings...oh, the onion rings.

            My vote: have a light lunch elsewhere, go to the big V in the afternoon with a friend, hear them yell "what'llyahave, what'llyahave?!" split a pie/rings/frost, and pop a TUMS.

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              Count me in your group Joy. It's only a hot dog stand, so I don't know what people expect. Perhaps if I lived in Atlanta I wouldn't like it as much, but whenever I get to visit, a slaw-dog, onion rings and fried peach pie are a given. It's been a few years, I HOPE they still give away the paper hats.

              It's not like that will spoil my appetite : )