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May 22, 2007 05:34 PM

Best Pomodoro Sauce in LA?

I'm looking for an excellent Italian place--the pomodoro sauce is key! Pasta pomodoro is my husband's favorite, and I'm looking to try a new place for his bday...

Places we've tried & loved: La Scala (Beverly Hills), Trastevere (Santa Monica), Angelino (on 3rd), Cafe Med (Sunset Plaza), and Trilussa (Beverly Hills).

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I happen to love La Buca's pomodoro. It's great with any of their pastas, but my favorite way is to have it with their fabulous gnocchi.

    1. Since pomodoro is Italian for tomato, and with over 700 Italian restaurants in L.A. County alone, and with every(?) single one of them having their own version....

      You should at least try "Pomodoro" in Westwood.

      Click on the reddish brown lettering for "Gnochi Pomodoro" and see if that picture looks appealing:

      For some reason there's no picture for their Pasta Pomodoro.

      1. Try Cafe Carrera on the west side of La Cienega about 200 feet south of Wilshire. Primo y fantastico. It's tiny, so make a reservation. Try the mussels and their soups.


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        1. Vito's Pizza on La Cienega also has a great Pasta Marinara, very fresh. Here's my (fuzzy) photo of it...

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