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May 22, 2007 04:20 PM

30th Birthday Dinner/ Party

My 30th birthday is coming up and my parents are so generous as to throw a dinner/ party for 30-40 of my closest friends. Now I need to find a location...

It will be the heart of summer, so weather shouldn't be an issue, but good food and wine are. (as is fun!) I have NO idea where to begin on this, so please send your suggestions, between downtown and the ocean, but not the Valley and most preferably in the central vicinity of West Hollywood.

I have two months to plan, but need to start now...thank you!

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  1. Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel on the sunset strip. Amazing food, drinks, and view.

    Definitely Mastro's if you like steak. Great booze there too :)

    1. my inlaws threw m husband his bday party in the boardroom at arnie morton's and it was a blast. they printed special menus for us and the service was awesome.

        1. re: CChow

          Haven't quite discussed that yet, but while I don't want to put my parents out too much, they'd be willing to pay whatever for the right atmosphere, food and definitely wine. (it's the family biz, so we're total wine snobs)

        2. I can't vouch for the food, but Social Hollywood has a few private rooms that you could reserve. Their largest upstairs room could easily seat 30-40.

          1. If you can go to the beach, the Club House at James' Beach in Venice is super. Also a great wine list.