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May 22, 2007 04:16 PM

Problem with "My Recent Posts"

This has been a consistent glitch...a couple of threads never show up in "my recent posts" list even when they are recently updated by me or others. In my case, both "Brampton Chow" originally started by me on Aug 29, 2006 and "restaurants in etobicoke" started by foodio on July 19, 2006 NEVER show up. Any idea why? Thanks.

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  1. There are bugs in "My Recent Posts".

    For example, once a thread "falls off" the list, it never reappears, even if the thread has just been updated just seconds before you display the list.

    Perhaps this is what has happened with these 2006 posts. Or perhaps it's a different problem...


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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      That's the reason why they don't show up.

    2. I've noticed it as well....

      1. I'm getting this also -- it's very frustrating. I am maintaining a single thread on my regional board for my restaurant reviews, and I have to manually check it every time I visit the site now.

        Really, if I write a post, I think it should show up on the "My recent posts" listing. What's the point of having the feature if it doesn't work??

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        1. re: AnnaEA

          Your latest post will be in "All Activity". To keep track of that single thread, have you considered adding it to your favorites? Then you don't have to worry about it cycling off the "My recent posts" list.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I have a favorites list???? *lol*

            Well, now you know how much attention I pay to things. ;) I'll have to do that. Thanks for the tip!