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May 22, 2007 04:14 PM

Weekday Breakfast downtown

Where is the best place for WEEKDAY breakfast right downtown (Toronto)? Ambiance (preferably funky) kinda important.

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  1. I am a fan (still) of Fran's but only like the new one because it's clean and quick and has the ever-reliable Menu..nothing fancy/exotic....just good breakfast in clean surroundings. It is on Victoria Street just down from Dundas Square. The other place is the Restaurant(don't know the name) on Queen Street East, across from St. Michael's Hospital.

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    1. re: pearlD

      Not a fan of Frans at all...but personal pref aside, I certainly wouldn't call it funky.

      Are you looking for Bloor? Queen? / Yonge? University?

      1. re: pearlD it too quickly and missed the 'funky' part...certainly not funky you're right.. I'll stick with the quick and clean part 'tho...

      2. Aunties and Uncles, on Lippincot just a hair north of College, in Little Italy. The food is enjoyable (though nothing remarkable), but they've got the atmosphere down.

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        1. re: chloe103

          Aunties is fun and quirky for sure. Personally I agree the food is not remarkable but I would say it is better than merely enjoyable. Good call if that is downtown enough.

        2. I don't like Fran's that is why I am looking for other options.......anything Bathurst queen-ish if not right smack dab downtown (what does smack dab mean anyways?) if not breakfast........late morning....what about the red tea box?

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            You may want to try Prague Find Food Emporium. Unfortunately their website is currently down, but they open at 7:30 am, and have a very extensive menu and interesting breakfast choices. It may not be the funkiest place, but it does have a solid atmosphere and offers good people watching as regulars come and go to shop from the deli counter or get some baked goods or Czech groceries. It's on the north side ofQueen a bit west of Bathurst.

            1. re: Delish

              If you can go a bit more west-ish from Bathurst on Queen, I highly reco The Drake for a great breakfast with changing patrons and quirky regulars daily. I doubt red tea is open for breakfast, but not sure. Clafouti is a pastry breakfast with excellent coffee. Couple small tables in the window and great people watching all morning long as locals continually pop in.

              PS: it is all so personal as i could not imagine beginning my day at the Prague which to me is an otherwise great food choice.

              1. re: deelicious

                Just curious, what do you find offensive about The Prague? To me it feels like a pretty typical higher end coffee shop/deli atmosphere with good service, good drinks and good food - what's wrong with starting your day with that? I've done it a number of times and it's become one of my first choices for brunch in that area.

                1. re: Delish

                  I guess I just dont like the idea of starting my morning beside a meat display and smell of garlic COMPARED to the smell of fresh baked goods, coffee and perhaps the griddle. Its a very personal thing. The Prague is an awesome shop.

          2. Mars on College near Bathurst.

            Been around since the pyramids were built. All-day Canadian versions of "heart-attack-on-a-plate", blintzes, and diner food.

            Small, crowded, busy, lunch counter or tables.

            Downscale funky-yes. Clubland funky-no.

            1. If you want funky and eccentric with great food try Mimi's on Bathurst just north of Queen..they have been there for years yet seem to fly under everyones radar..

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              1. re: tasoid

                Fun and funky = Mimi's. Get there early though by the second turn the waitress is getting kranky. She usually opens at 10am.. Hey, wait a minute, is she open during the week?