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May 22, 2007 04:07 PM

(restaurant) recipe finder [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I seem to recall a column in the LA Times that would track down favorite restaurant recipes on request. Anybody know if such a service is still available anywhere (preferably online)?

In this case I'm looking for a recipe for macaron-like cookies as served at the LA Country Club, mentioned in another thread about macaroons.

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  1. Try Uncle Phaedrus at
    He is pretty good about finding things or having something similar

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    1. re: TwoPointers

      Uncle Phaedrus is wonderful. I love just reading the archives! He's answered a few for me and I am really good at researching. ANd he's fast too!

    2. The LA Times, which you can access online, still publishes that long running feature in its Wednesday Food Section. The column is titled CULINARY SOS but I don't believe it appears every single week. Readers can write in to the Times and request a recipe from a restaurant or other source and the staff writer will try to obtain and publish the recipe if it fits into general public interest. The column's recipe featured this week is for Blue Cheese Beignets from chef Kris Morningstar of the Blue Velvet restaurant.