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May 22, 2007 03:56 PM

Dog friendly dining in DFW

I am looking for more places to take the dogs. Yes they love to go to Keller's, but looking for other options. Since Paris Vendome is gone, I am not sure who else is dog friendly.

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  1. the san francisco rose on lower greenville is patio-dog friendly. they do a good "bar menu" and has one of the better cheese fries in dallas. frozen fries with your standard baked potato toppings...service there can be hit-or-miss.

    1. State & Allen Lounge:

      This casual Uptown eatery does not exude “Uptown”.

      That’s a compliment. Due to personal safety concerns and my occasional visits to Uptown, I’d rather not elaborate.

      For a restaurant that will allow you to surreptitiously park your dog on the patio, it has one heck of a huge and upscale menu.

      14 wines by the glass, 11 choices from the cheese and meat board, 9 soups and starters, 5 burgers, 8 salads, 8 sandwiches, gourmet pizzas, and my favorite, Al’s Love Love Spicy Chicken Bowl. If you can get past the I-still-kinda-wish-I-was-a-hippie-but-now-I-own-a-restaurant-in-Uptown name, you’ll discover an interesting combination of Sriracha, sautéed chicken, rice, cilantro, tomatoes, chopped bacon, bell peppers and corn finished with white wine and a touch of butter. Pretty spicy, fairly filling and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in town.

      Vickery Park:

      Almost a full-fledged gastropub, this Henderson Avenue hit has a dog-friendly front patio overlooking the “Shops at Henderson”. It is the Anti-Tristan Simon joint, attracting tattooed hipsters, SMU co-eds, and folks just like you and me.

      Two facets of Vickery Park set it apart. First is the musical playlist. Everything from the Arcade Fire to The Rolling Stones to The Shins to the new Wu-Tang Clan is played.

      The kitchen also puts out some damn fine fare. The regulars extol the Buffalo Fried Calamari, the Brisket Sandwich with the Kahlua Cream Sauce and the Burger. If you’re in for the long-haul, you can always order the Soft Tacos, served until 2 am.

      1. Lee Harvey's, South of downtown, has dog day afternoons on Sundays. They close the gates and your dog can run around the outside as much as they want. The food is pretty good for a bar and the dogs love it.

        1. The Eatzi's down on Oak Lawn has a nice dog friendly patio and they have dog biscuits there too. Great sandwiches and you can pick up stuff to take home.

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            I have since found that Red's patio on Preston & Spring Creek allows dogs on the patio. I also have been told the Burger House on Coit & Cambell has a dog friendly policy.

          2. Toulouse lets you bring your dog at dinner and sit in the enclosed patio, which is the absolute closest we have found to being "inside" with our dog. And, I know there are mixed reviews on Toulouse but seriously, where else are you going to take your dog and have a French 75 and a souflee?

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              Taverna, also by Lombardi, allows pups on the patio. That bottomless mimosa brunch is not a bad time to sip and people watch. They'll even bring out a bowl of water for the dog :)