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May 22, 2007 03:50 PM

Fort Myers area recs

My husband I will be traveling to Fort Myers in the middle of June for about 5 days and would love some recommendations. Having never been to that part of FL before I am having trouble figuring out what areas are close to Fort Myers besides Sanibel. Any other areas worth visiting within about 30 minutes? Here's what I would love recs for:
-inexpensive breakfast
-moderately priced lunch... maybe fresh salads/seafood
-romantic dinner... waterfront? good wine list? again, fresh seafood?
We are staying about 10 minutes from RSW if that helps any. Also, how far is Bonita Springs? I have a gift certificate to Roy's... is it worth the trip or should I just save it to use here in Philly?
Thanks for any help!!

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  1. Bonita Springs isn't far at all, 30 min maybe. Naples too is right there and great places. Roy's is worth it, I love Roys and if you love seafood use that same gift cert. to Bonefish Grill (it's part of Roy's) and in that same area.

    Randy's seafood in Naples (right over the line from Bonita Springs) has excellent fresh seafood, very casual. http://www.randysfishmarketrestaurant...

    Awesome awesome restaurant, romantic, creative dishes, great wine list, etc. I love this place - you can't go wrong here, I'd eat here every night. - Wyldes Cafe - Bonita Beach:

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      Thanks! I did a search and came up with some of the places you suggested. Wyldes Cafe looks fantastic! What about Cru? Thistle Lodge?

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        I haven't been to those but here's one of my reviews of Wyldes with details of dishes: