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May 22, 2007 03:31 PM

Saturday lunch in Nantucket - ideas?

We'll be looking for something nice, but casual within walking distance of the ferry. I'd love any suggestions. Also, what's the best ice cream there?

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  1. first, and most importantly, juice bar is the best ice cream in nantucket (if not anywhere) and is very close to the ferry. as far as lunch, i'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. there are several pub-like places in town (the brotherhood, atlantic cafe), but for something a little bit nicer, i would recommend the boarding house (12 federal street, a favorite for my family for a nice but fairly casual dinner) or arno's (41 main street, a little more casual and not quite as good), or fog island cafe (7 s. water street, very casual, excellent brunch--try the trail mix pancakes). hope that helps.

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      i just read another post elsewhere that says straight wharf might be opening for lunch. you might want to look into that one too.

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        I second Boarding House if they do lunch. Atlantic Cafe is often crowded and fun. Does Black Eyed Susan serve lunch?? Fog Island Cafe is a fav breakfast spot for our family. Don't forget a stop at Downyflake for donuts ANYTIME of day.

    2. Definitely Straight Wharf. Juice Bar for ice cream.