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Olives - how long do they last?

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When I buy black olives from the supermarket olive bar how long can I keep them in my refrigerator? How do I know if they go bad?

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  1. As long as they are still covered in the brine they should last indefinitely. If there is no brine or juice, they might get dried out.

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      Thanks, I never get the brine. I'll start doing that when I buy the olives.

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        There was a good eats episode about keeping olives. I think he said that if your brine runs low or if you don't get any with your olives, you can just make your own or just use olive oil, i think. You might want to search for the show to see exactly what he recommends.

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          Great, thanks!

    2. You'll know when they start to go bad. They gut mushy and mold. As ESNY said, the ones in brine last longer.

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        The whole history of salt fermentation is a fascinating bit of food history. In addition to olives there is also sauerkraut, kimchee and all pickles.