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Hot Butter and Coffee?

Ok, who here puts hot butter in their coffee?

I had never heard of such a thing until today.

I was at a local coffee shop today and the person in front of me asked for hot butter in their coffee. The clerk was a bit flabbergasted and said "sorry, but no can do".

My curiosity piqued, I Googled "hot butter" and "coffee" and turned up a few interesting links, but nothing really worthwhile.

Anyone out there add butter to their coffee? And how did you start?

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  1. Sounds disgusting, yet I thought hot buttered rum type drinks were disgusting until I tried them and realized it's great with things like hot cider or cranberry juice.

    1. I have never heard of this however I love it when I dip butter bread in my coffee and the butter melts into the coffee, which is essentially the same thing. I like to do this with my hot cocoa too.

      1. I use to work with a lady at a snack counter kind of place. We made a big urn of coffee for the lunch rush. She always put a pat of butter in the coffee, insisting that it made the coffee taste richer, smoother. I can't say that it really made a difference as it was 2 tablespoons of butter to like a couple gallons of coffee. Nobody ever said that the coffee tasted buttery .

        1. But even if butter in your coffee is your thing (whatever) where have you been hanging out that not only do coffee shops supply you with butter, but HOT butter? Like they'd have a little hotplate with a carafe of hot butter? Maybe it was a joke?

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            I don't know about butter in coffee, but I absolutely love to put gravy in my cocoa puffs!

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              And I hear you can get it at the cafes that have hot carafes of butter for the coffee!

          2. I had this in Hanoi. The coffee was really strong, like an espresso, but extra smooth. I asked what was in it, and apparently they put a little bit of butter in it. It definitely made a difference. I doubt it would go that well in a typical cup of joe, but in a rich espresso or similar brew, it seems to work great. And I'm not even that much of a butter person.

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              In SE Asia coffee is often sold ground with a little margarine. I would never have known it except that it's listed in the ingredients. And the coffee tastes pretty good!

            2. When you consider that butter is made from cream, which people certainly put in their coffee, it sounds a lot less weird. Also note that some people also salt their coffee:


              Butter and salt! they go with everything.

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                Butter-flavor is already in coffee in the form of the naturally-occurring flavor compound acetylmethylcarbinol. That's also added to buttered popcorn, as well. See:


                It seems like it'd be not that big of a deal to add more butter flavor, since that's already a big part of why coffee tastes so good.

              2. Salted or unsalted? (Just saw your coffee+salt post :)

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                  I'm not sure, but I would venture to guess that the person who requested it would've wanted salted butter, but who knows ... the post is nearly 3 years old!


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                    Then there's the Tibetan butter-tea thing. Salted.

                2. My dad used to put butter in his coffee and so I grew up drinking it that way for a treat...it lends a sweetness to the joe...mmmm (but you need to put ALLOT in to get the real feel)
                  If I didnt know how unhealthy it was I would definitely have it more ofte!n

                  1. Actually, butter in your coffee is pretty good, though I wouldn't recommend using salted butter. I typically use unsalted butter and put a little cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg on top. The result is a rich, smooth, creamy spiced coffee.

                    I think it's an Indian thing maybe? As in Eastern Indian.

                    1. Andrew Zimmern experienced coffee with butter while in Ethiopia and IIRC he didn't like it at all, nor did he like the coffee with salt served to him.

                      1. I had this everywhere in Ethopia, but I have never seen it here at any Ethiopian restaurant. Basically, they pour hot, espresso-style coffee over about 1T of clarified melted butter (like a ghee). I thought it was ok. Interesting, at least.

                        1. Desperate at realizing I was out of cream after I'd made my coffee, I shrugged and used butter instead. It didn't change the color of the coffee at all, but it really took the edge off the bitterness. I'd actually recommend it.

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                            That's very interesting. Thanks for reporting back.

                          2. I've come across several threads on a low-carb board of people putting coconut oil in their coffee but couldn't work up the.. not courage, but maybe curiosity to try it myself.

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                              This guy is all over it:


                              I intend to try it, and I'm not much of a coffee drinker.