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May 22, 2007 02:36 PM

Angry in Athens - seafood

I went up to athens seafood co. today and asked if they had any soft shell crab. they said no. I asked when they might get some in. They said never. I asked if there was any other place in the area where i could get some softshells. dude said he didnt know - maybe i could get some frozen ones at the kroger.


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  1. I'll pipe in one more time: I would never buy seafood from a place that stinks of rotten fish, even occasionally. That eliminates Athens Seafood.

    I only buy fish from Earthfare. They have a small but consistently fresh selection, and I'd be surprised if they couldn't order some for you. They seem able to get anything I want, including lamb.

    How do you eat your softshells? I used to love a fried softshell sandwich...

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    1. re: uptown jimmy

      I meant veal. They always have lamb, it seems.

    2. I hear ya'! I went back to Rainbow last weekend and they were open for fried but completely out of fresh fish. (Reminds me of the time I went into a Dunkin Donuts in Columbia SC and they said "sorry, we're out of donuts...can I interest you in a bagel?" Um, NO?!)

      I digress. Rainbow told me to come back Wednesday. [sigh] I think I'll take Jimmy's recommendation and try Earthfare. Never know, I might go for fish and come out with some decent hummus too!

      Mmmm. Softshell sandwich was always my favorite way to eat 'em when I lived on the MD Eastern Shore. Little Old Bay mixed in with the mayo...good stuff.

      1. just found out from earthfare they have em for 3.49 each. i guess i'll order them. man, they are the OPPOSITE of competent over there.

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            1. re: batdown

              Rainbow and Athens Seafood are both closed now,
              along with the Tuscan Market on Baxter Street.
              Athens really does need a good seafood market
              for the public. Of course Earthfare, Publix and Kroger
              do get in some nice fish but a good local seafood
              shop sure would have been nice to have around.
              If you ask the clerks in the seafood/meats section
              of each store they will tell you delivery days, and you
              can make requests. Gotta love it.

        1. Do any of those 3 places have live blue crabs? I tried to call Athen's and Rainbow and both their numbers were disconnected. So I drove up there and I couldn't find them. Any one got any good directions? I live in Auburn, GA, about 20 miles from Athens down 316.

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          1. re: mnn37

            Try one of the Super H marts, or any of the big Asian groceries, in Atlanta. They'll have live blue crabs as well as many other things of interest.

            1. re: himynameischuck

              Gwinnett International Farmer's Market almost always has live blue crabs (& usually crawfish as well as lots of other sea food) and usually at better prices than Super H. GIFM is near the Home Depot on Shackleford (east on Pleasant Hill). They also have a branch in Cobb as well as in Lilburn (just off 29 on Indian Trail)

          2. Frozen soft shells at Fooks Food.