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May 22, 2007 02:28 PM

Drinking suggestions - Montreal

Like so many other Boston-area ChowHounds, my husband and I are headed up to Montreal in a couple of weeks. I've scanned the board for food recs and feel there is plenty to keep us well-fed while we are there. However, I could use some drinking recommendations. What are some of your wine bar and beer drinking recommendations? We are staying in Old Montreal, but aren't afraid of going outside the tourist areas. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Montreal Beer Fest is happening May 30th-June 3rd at the courtyard of Windsor Station beside the Bell Centre.

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    1. re: simplygenius

      stay away from this is my recommendation. it is packed, not cheap and poorly organized... I tried this last year and ended throwing a few back at Brutopia instead

    2. for the wine bar, there are a couple of them.

      BU ( )
      Pullmann (


      are the two "real" bar à vin ( you have to order food at both places but they have small things to eat)

      Other new places noteworthy, restaurant à vin ( not actually wine bar) are "Les 3 Petis Bouchons" and the other one close to it on St-Denis, and Aszu in Old Montreal

      For beer, I suggest "Le Dieu du Ciel" on Laurier W; L'assomoir (also with good food) on Duluth , "Le Sergent Recruteur" on St-Laurent,

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      1. re: Maximilien

        I would add Reservoir (St-Laurent and Dultuh) as a good place for artisanal beer and snacks.

        There is also Whisky Cafe for drinks (St-Laurent and Bernard)

      2. Wine bar - BU on St-Laurent. Pullman has generally left me a touch disappointed. However, what is really great about Montreal is the bring your own wine thing - in the summer, nothing like picking up a great bottle of wine (or two), heading to a terrasse along Prince-Arthur, and just people-watching. Don't expect anything from the food - boring Greek fare or similar, but it's still such a nice way to spend an afternoon or evening.

        Drinks - L'assommoir on Bernard; Baldwin Barmacie on Laurier are my two favourites. I've had some great drinks at Pub St-James in the Old Port as well...former l'Assommoir mixologist ;-)

        I'm not much of a beer drinker but even I manage to have a few more than intended at Reservoir.