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May 22, 2007 02:22 PM

where can I get a suckling pig?

I had the suckling pig at Komi a few years ago and have been obsessed with cooking one since. I figured out where to get one, and even had a summer date picked out and friends to share the pig with. Alas, the place I found that sold them was at Eastern Market. Have the butchers from there relocated? Does anyone know about another place in DC to get a suckling pig?

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  1. They've broken ground for the temporary market to house the vendors while the South Hall is being restored but it won't be ready until July.
    Check with José Canale at Tortilla Café across the street from the Market. His family had one of the butcher shops in the Market and he's selling the sausages and deli meats that he used to sell inside the Market from the Café, another family enterprise. He may be able to order the pig for you.

    1. Tuscarora Organic Coop has a farmer associated who can get suckling pig. Current quote to restuarnats in ab9out $2.95/lb for a 30 to 40# pig. Orders must be into TOC on Monday for Friday delviery.

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        Thats amazing, thanks for the information. Can you get milk lambs from the same place?

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          They reported a35 to 40 pound size available this week.... I don't know if thats still a milker or not. Didn't ask. But it was $4.25 a pound this week but the price varies with the market. If you have a close relationship with a Tuscarora customer, maybe they could help you out. Or maybe they could bring it to a farmer's market. I would give them a call and start with TOC.

      2. B.K. Millers at 9024 Old Branch Avenue in Clinton, MD, has pigs ranging from 10-20 lbs. to over 70 lbs. split and grill-ready for between $1.79/lb (70+ pounders) to $2.99/lb (10-20 pounders). 30-50 pounders are $2.49/lb. and 50-70 pounders are $1.99/lb. This time of year they are usually in stock and ready to roll out the front door.

        1. I'm sure someone at the markets on Florida Ave Northeast can arrange it. There's about 10-20 butchers up there. I'd go to the one on the far left of the main hall.