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May 22, 2007 02:12 PM

Problem with Ina Garten's Recipe for Salmon

Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone's successfully made Ina Garten's recipe called "Eli's Asian Salmon." I followed the instructions to the letter but ended up with a highly concentrated topping that was so overwhelmingly salty that my guests had to wipe it off so that the fish would be edible. (Fortunately, everyone agreed the salmon beneath the disastrous panko-sauce topping was yummy!)

Did I do something wrong? Is the recipe off or missing a step? I thought an entire cup of soy sauce seemed like a lot, but I trusted Ina and it looked scrumptious when she made it on her show. Any ideas of what might have gone wrong would be appreciated!

Here's the recipe:

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  1. I recently had this dish at a dinner party and EVERYONE including me Loved it!! I can tell you that the hostess did not follow the recipe exactly. She used mustard flavored panko from Whole Foods and sub'd something(can't remember what) for the chili sauce. I'll have to ask her if she scaled down the soy sauce. She's a Nutritionist so I bet she did. I have the recipe and look forward to making it soon.

    1. I saw Ina make it on her show and I remember thinking, ugh, that's going to be salty. I would think 1 cup of soy is too much because along with the soy, you're getting salt from the oyster sauce and fish sauce. (In some Asian cooking, if you use fish sauce, you don't use soy sauce.) I would cut back on the soy, for sure.

      1. i make this recipe all the time! it has taken some adjusting and i am a total salt FIEND. lately i have been leaving the fish sauce out entirely and taking the soy sauce down by 1/4. also, when she tells you to ladle as much of the sauce back onto the panko as possible- skip that part. just as long as all of the panko is soaked in the sauce it will be delicious. the secret to this recipe is a smokin' hot oven before you put it in, otherwise the crust will never brown up the way it should.

        good luck!

        1. I love Ina, but she uses, for me, anyway, too much salt in her recipes. I season to taste. Sounds as if the other posters have modified her salmon recipe as well. Try it again, but use your own tastebuds to guide you!

          1. I belong to a food message board, where we try different recipes from Ina Garten.

            Most people there making any of her recipes, advise to cut the amount of salt in half.
            And Eli's Asian Salmon is a favorite at the board, although I haven't made it myself.

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              mcel125, what food message board is that? I love Ina's recipes, sounds like a great idea!

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                My email address is on my profile. Email me and I'll tell you about it. :)