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May 22, 2007 02:12 PM

Fredericksburg review -- 5/07

Just did a girls' weekend in Fredericksburg, using ChowHound recs as much as possible.

Friday night: Der Lindenbaum, 312 E. Main St., (830) 997-9126, same block as the Nimitz Museum. Really good. Superb red cabbage, sausages and and a great summer berry cake with lemon frosting--delish. Link:

Saturday morning: Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe, 249 E. Main St. (in a courtyard off Main), (830) 990-0498. We checked this out on Friday afternoon and it looked yummy. Had a peach scone and ham & cheese on a croissant -- both good. I bought their cookbook; can't wait to try some recipes. They also serve sandwiches and other lunchy things.

Saturday lunch: BonTerra, 1440 N. US 87 (west end of town, just past the "Y" where 290 and 87 divide; watch for the crashed airplane next to their driveway), (830) 997-9742. This has many favorable reviews in ChowHound, deservedly so. They were out of lobster, so missed the lobster salad sandwich which everyone raves about. Had the garden sandwich and sweet potato fries--the sandwich was good, the fries were out of this world. Bread pudding was very nice. We ate outside on the patio, which was lovely.

Saturday night: We ate at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm, which might have been OK except that they were running very late because of a party of 9 ahead of us. We arrived at 6:20PM for a 6:30 reservation; received our entrees at 7:40--and we didn't have appetizers. Even the bread was late getting to the table. My pork chop was good, but we went back to Der Linderbaum for dessert (which wasn't quite as good as Friday night's).

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  1. I'm with you in your fandom of Der Lindenbaum, BabsinTX. My wife and I go there whenever we visit Fburg and enjoy it tremendously. It is (so far) the best German cuisine I've found in Texas.

    1. Methinks August E's is the best restaurant in the area. Excellent sushi, one of the most kick-arse patios on earth and a Burger that is . . . I'm salivating.