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May 22, 2007 01:30 PM

Solo dining near Old Globe Theatre, San Diego on a Friday night

Hi. I looking for a nice place, no too pricey ($20 or 30 with cocktail) to have an early dinner on a Friday night; somewhere near the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. I'd rather not sit at the bar. Thanks.

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  1. It might be a wee bit more with a cocktail but here are some suggestions:
    The Prado in Balboa Park
    Modus (may be a bit loud but it seems that you are going before the show)
    Laurel (they have some sort of theater prix fix and the room is beautiful)

    1. When we go to the Globe, we really enjoy having cocktails and app's at the Prado restaurant and it's a nice walk to the theatre..about $30 for a couple of drinks and an app's..

      1. The bar at Laurel or Mr. A's.. This gives you plenty of parking options. You can park near the theater and walk accross the bridge and walk back to the theater, 5-10 minute walk. Check with Laurel, I think they might offer a shuttle service.

        1. will confess to not having eaten dinner but I have lunch regularly at Gemelli as it is across street from my office. I get good food and service and it would fit in your budget. right in the Laurel, Mister A's area. Vince is the owner. not even close to same league as Mister A's though.

          1. Prado is your best bet.