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May 22, 2007 01:17 PM

Travel Time From Graze to Ford Theater?

Ok, after much research I finally decided. I think we are going to go to Graze before we see Wicked at Ford. Wicked is at 8:00. Yahoo maps show the restaurant being 1 mile from the theater, but I have no idea what traffic is like on a Friday night in Chicago (I'm imagining the worst). If we want to get to the theater at 7:30 (taking a cab), and have a leisurely dinner with drinks and possibly dessert, what time should I make our dinner reservation for? Would 5:30 be about right?

Also, should we call ahead for a cab to pick us up at the restaurant at a certain time, or do cabs drive by frequently enough to just grab one?


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  1. It's probably a 10 min cab ride from Graze to the Ford Theater. It's very easy to catch a cab outside the restaurant. 5:30 is fine for the reservation, you could probably even do 5:45.

    1. I would be more worried about the "scene" at Graze on a Friday night than the cab ride.
      Graze is at 35 W Ontario, the Ford is at 24 W Randolph, almost a direct line 9 blocks (plus the river) due south. 10 minutes or less.

      I have not been to Graze, but friends have. Some have had really s-l-o-w serice, both at lunch (which is death to any resturant with hopes of serving office crowds) and dinner. Complaints are that the value is just not there, as too many of the plates are too small to share, and you end up going over $50/person for food that is just not that expensive...

      These places are all much closer, much more reliable:
      Catch Thirty Five Seafood & Premium Steaks - »
      35 W Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL
      (312) 346-3500 - - - 0.2 mi N

      Atwood Cafe - »
      1 W Washington St, Chicago, IL
      (312) 368-1900 - - - 0.1 mi SE

      Petterino's - »
      150 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL
      (312) 422-0150 - - - 0.1 mi W

      Smith & Wollensky - »
      318 N State St, Chicago, IL
      (312) 670-9900 - - - 0.2 mi N
      Steak Houses

      Trattoria #10 - »
      10 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL
      (312) 984-1718 - - - 0.2 mi S

      Nicks Fishmarket - »
      51 S Clark St, Chicago, IL
      (312) 621-0200 - - - 0.2 mi SW

      South Water Kitchen - »
      225 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL
      (312) 236-9300 - - - 0.2 mi NE