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May 22, 2007 01:15 PM


Has anyone been there? I want to take a friend to try out Indian food for his first time (I like very authentic as my family is from India but I want something for him that's a fusion of American and Indian). If you have been can you give me suggestions of what to get?

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  1. The butter chicken for authentic-ish (the whole menu is a bit more fusion than authentic Indian), and the black cod for more American.
    Also the Palak Chaat (crispy spinach) is a great side item.

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      The crispy spinach is a MUST ORDER. After that, the food is generally very good, European style food using Indian themes. Will be disappointing to anyone expecting Indian food.

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        Steve's description of Rasika is elegantly diplomatic. You might consider that diplomats and staff from the Indian Embassy often go to the White Tiger on Capital Hill. While it's certainly not as trendy as Rasika, they must know something about the food of their homeland. A welcome party was given there for Ambassador Mansingh. The former Ambassador ate there as well, in addition to other visiting Indian dignitaries.
        There are a lot of parties there for Members of Congress so the food is generally acceptable to a broad cross section of people as well. Good way to ease your friend into Indian food.
        It's pleasant and has popular buffets at lunch and on weekends. I'm not an expert on authentic Indian fare but I do like good service and delicious food and White Tiger has provided both.

    2. I've only been to Rasika once and although I liked it, I guess I found it a bit too expensive to repeat right away with so many other good Indian choices around. It's definitely a fusion style restaraunt that might fit quite nicely for 'beginner Indian'. I really enjoyed the bar - tasty pomegranate margaritas and this awesome complimentary chile-basil popcorn. I've been trying to make that popcorn at home but can't quite figure it out. I'd go back for drinks/apps at the bar before I do dinner again.

      Anyway, I had the spinach mentioned above and loved it. Lamb vindaloo was my entree and my husband's entree was the black cod - very nice but nothing that blew me away. My one annoying note is that I asked the waitress if there was anything special on the menu and she immediately recommended the most expensive app and entree(neither of which had ever been mentioned in the reviews). She also tried to upsell on the wine which annoys me to no end. Other than that a pleasant, kind of trendy experience.

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        I also really enjoyed the drinks and that amazing popcorn at the bar. I would like to make it too, but don't have a clue how. Dinner was good- but after the bar it didn't quite compare.