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May 22, 2007 12:58 PM

Going to Nozawa for the first time tonight

Is sitting at the bar a must? Anything I should know before hand?? I know about the no cell phone rule. Don't order sushi w/o rice or any rolls. What else should i know?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sit @ the bar. If you sit elsewhere, then it's like almost any other sushi restaurant. Good sushi, but nothing spectacular.

      1. what happened to my post?

        1. yes, sit at the bar. it's omakase, chef's choice only at the bar. there will be a few rolls served near the end, all hand rolls: toro, blue crab, lobster, etc. after 7 or 8 courses, you'll be asked if you want more. eat to your heart's content until you're full. there are some truths to the nickname "sushi nazi" but that image is way overblown.

          the difference of sitting at the table is that some of the sushi comes at once, multiple courses together in 1 plate. rolls might sit around an extra 30sec before being brought to your table but that makes a big difference in the crisp nori that's used in the rolls.

          1. Nozawa is not a nazi. He's a professional who has a strong vision of how you can best enjoy his work (i.e., no dipping in soy sauce if something's already sauced). Put yourself in his hands, relax and enjoy.

            By the way, the blue crab handrolls are awesome.