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May 22, 2007 12:55 PM

professional knife sharpeners in Baltimore???

I would like to get my chef's knife sharpened. I would like to go to a professional but I don't know where one it. Its just one knife. So do you know of any?How much does it cost to get it sharpened?

I don't want to use a store bought one.


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  1. Try VIDI Brothers,,,they sharpen knives for all of the restaurants in Baltimore'.......I think they are located in Woodbine MD

    1. Baltimore grinding co is across from camden yards stadium, unknown quality

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      1. re: chowsearch

        Friend of mine who worked in a restaurant used to get his knives sharpened there. I believe he still does.

      2. Have mine sharpened at Baltimore Grinding. It's a real PITA to get to if there's a game on, but the prices are cheap and the work is good.

        Also, they've got some seriously ground knives (usually out of shape) for way cheap. It's a great hunting ground for cheap kitchen knives.

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        1. re: onocoffee

          As far as I can tell Baltimore Grinding hasn't been open in months - looks like it moved away from Camden Yards. Does anyone know where?