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May 22, 2007 12:54 PM

Looking for restaurant with really exotic/unusual offerings

Fellow Hounds, I seek your advice to assist me in finding a place to take my BIL who has a highly developed, adventurous palate. We're planning on taking him out this weekend anywhere in the 5 boroughs. The more exotic and unusual (i.e. edible insects, wild game, etc.) the better. All I could come up with was Galaxy Global Eatery on Irving and 15th for the grasshoppers on their menu. Any other places you know of? Thanks very much!

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  1. You'll find frog in many Viet places.
    Henry's End for game.
    I'd go Chinese for the most variety of exotic.

    1. I've never been but take a look at the website for Ninja Be sure to click on Ninja Castle. If you should be able to get reservations please post a report. I've never seen this restaurant reviewed on Chowhound. It has a sister restaurant in Japan that's extremeley difficult to get reservations.

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        It's actually gotten hilariously bad reviews both on the Manhattan board and in the NYT:

      2. I had a durian shake at Ba Xuyen in Sunset Park. It was one of the most horrifying things I've ever ingested, but your adventurous brother-in-law may like it. Some people swear by this thing, and it's certainly unusual in the States.

        1. Hmm ... one man's exotic is another's pedestrian ...

          Well, organ dishes are always exotic in my book.

          Here are a few suggestions:

          A FAN TI (Flushing)
          - lamb nuts - er, testicles
          - also, the most delicious salad I've ever been blessed to try (cilantro, parsley, onions or scallions, ...)
          -menu at

          CHEBURECHNAYA (Rego Park
          )- Uzbek/Bukharian - would you believe they've got lamb nuts too?
          - menu at

          ST. ANDREWS (44th St, Midtown
          )- Scottish joint with ... haggis!

          IHAWAN (Woodside)
          - Filipino place with bopis (according to menu, contains chopped pork lungs & liver with lemon & red sweet pepper)
          - menu at

          DEVI (Flatiron/Chelsea, I think somewhere around 18th street I think
          )- northern Indian
          - they used to serve brains, 'a Mughlai delicacy,' but not sure if they still do
          however, you could probably try calling ahead and asking if they would cook some up for you
          - they also had jackfruit biryani on the menu

          AKI (Greenwich Village, W. 4th)
          ok, maybe rather too mundane for some, but I have loved their
          - eel napolean: mashed eel & eel sauce, pumpkin?, ginger, layered fried tofu (yum)
          - they also used to have a roll with fried banana and spicy tuna; a caribbean roll with mango, avocado, and yellowtail; and a spicy tuna tartar with tuna, scallions, red raisins, pine nuts, seaweed, coconut flakes, spicy mayo sauce, mango chutney soy sauce (I got these off the menupages menu, but I haven't been to the restaurant since I moved to Queens a year ago, so don't know what's currently on the menu)

          1. Oh, I forgot to mention a place just off Union Square, GALAXY GLOBAL EATERY (15 Irving Place), which serves up hemp in all sorts of dishes, such as hempnut veggie burger; Chang Rai hempnut-crusted catfish with Panang couscous, jackfruit relish, and Thai basil coulis; and Indoneisan ostrich curry with mango, onion, and blackberry chutneys, chili and coconut sambals, black forbidden rice, and chili hemp oil.

            Their menu also lists such dishes as eel burgers, and a veggie twist on buffalo wings: Galaxy Un-Chicken Drumsticks (sugar cane soy protein skewers coated with red quinoa, caperberry dipping sauce, and spicy banana ketchup).

            Their website is at

            I think they used to be open really late - after a lot of the other places in the area closed.

            I went once maybe 3 years ago when I lived in the neighborhood, and never went back because the particular dish I had didn't quite appeal to my tastebuds. But the menu has changed quite a bit from what I recall. Has anyone been there in the recent past?